Mandarin Search: hua

hùa hūa change, convert, reform; -ize
húa hùa to row or paddle boat; to scratch
hùa loud; clamour; hubbub, big mouth, to brag
húa hùa hūa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
húa yíng to gag or bribe; to satisfy one's appetite; name of an old book; (Cant.) to guess, reckon mentally; to bud
húa farm tools; a spade or shovel
hùa a painting, picture, drawing; to draw
hùa speech, talk, language; dialect
hùa (corrupted form ) to call, to yell, anxious, dazed, image sound, an exclamation expressing sound (such as clap hands; to fire a gun; to strike; sound of firecracker etc.)
húa kuài sly, cunning, crafty
húa (simplified form) name of a mountain
hūa húa rushing sound; gush forward
húa an excellent horse
hūa flower; blossoms
hùa type of birch
gùi hùa to put into a cupboard or closet; to put into the proper place; to put away, to put away for safekeeping, to collect and keep
húa tían wǎn fat of animals or plants, (same as ) fat; plump, fertuke, animal fats
hùa (a variant of 劃) to rive; to divide; to mark; to cut
húa spade, shovel, plowshare
húa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
hùa tranquil
hùa delineate, painting, picture, drawing; draw
húa crafty, cunning, shrewd; deceitful
hùa grain ready for grinding; grain
hùa delineate, painting, picture, drawing; draw
húa slip, slide; slippery, polished
gùa guǎi hùa hinder
hùa speech, talk, language; dialect
húa hún kǔan whole piece of or unbroken firewoods, complete; whole; undamaged; general, (same as 梡) a kind of tree
hùa (ancient form of 話) words; saying; talk, to speak
hùa wide
hùa hǔo (same as 夥) a band; a company; a partner; an assistant
húa hūa hùa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
èn húa hùan hún (same as 餛) fluffy stuffed dumplings; stuffed dumpling with delicate flour wrapping; ravioli
hùa húa divide, mark off, lay boundary
húa lavish; luxurious, wasteful
huái hùa ankle
húa name of a mountain
嫿 hùa tranquil
hùa hùan hǔi (same as 逭) to run away or escape from; to flee; to avoid
húa sword
hùa cantankerous; perverse, stupid; dull, ignorant, to divide clearly; without ambiguity, gracefully quiet
hùa hùo the thumb, to split; to tear apart, sound of ripping or tearing, to cut open with something sharp
hūa húa rushing sound; gush forward
gǔo gūo hùa hùi grease pot hung under axle of cart
húa distiller's grains or yeast
kuài húa sly, cunning, crafty
hùa type of birch
kuài hùi húa irrigation ditch, trench; river
gūi xíe kúi hùa salmon; spheroides vermicularis
hūo hùo húa open up, clear; exempt
húa hùa (ancient form of 華) Cathay; China, splendid; gorgeous; colorful; beautiful; luxurious, a family name
húa (non-classical form) luxuriant or exuberant of the grains (interchangeable 華) flowery; varuegated, splendour
hùa obstinate; perverse
húa noise, uproar; clamor, hubbub
hùa huái hùan rugged and uneven, to shrink; to recoil; to cringe
húa spade, shovel, plowshare
wěi hūa flower, blossoms
húa a kind of fish; a flashing fly-fish in legend
húa an excellent horse
húa sound of chewing bones