Mandarin Search: huang

hūang a watery waste; to reach
húang luxuiant; lush; flourishing
hūang region between heart and diaphragm
hǔang wild, mad; flurried
hǔang seemingly; absent-minded
gūang húang sparkle, glitter
húang wǎng royal, imperial; ruler, superior
máng wáng hǔang hūang Miscanthus sinensis
hūang blood
hǔang (corrupted form of 慌) blurred; dim, obscure; confused in mind
hǔang bright, dazzling; to sway, shake
húang a kind of dance accompanied by music performed in ancient times, (same as 凰) the female phoenix, a legendary bird in Chinese mythology
hǔang hùang bright, dazzling; to sway, shake
húang agitated; alarmed
hǔang lie
húang female phoenix
húang fearful, afraid, anxious, nervous
húang doubtful, irresolute, vacillating
húang yellow; surname
húang a dry moat outside a city wall; a dry ditch
húang ah; harmony
húang kùang river in qinghai province
máng hǔang vast, boundless, widespread
húang kúang kùi a fever
húang dry ditch, dry moat
húang yellow; surname
hūang hǔang kāng wasteland, desert; uncultivated
hǔang to make wild statements to lie; to misstate; lies falsehood
hǔang hùang deep
hūang hǔang nervous, panicky, frantic
hǔang clearness of mind; doubtful; uncertain
húang bright, shining, luminous
húang leisure, leisurely; hurry about
hùang to shake; to be disturbed; oscillating, brightness, dazzling; glaring
hǔang curtain, cloth screen
húang weapon
hǔang the blaze of fire; dazzling
húang a variety of panicled millet, a small coarse grain resembling sorghum
hǔang in between of the flesh, a state of a minority ethnic group in southen China, the moon is dimmed
húang (same as 癀) jaundice
héng húang to worship, a rite; a service
hǔang between the flesh, name of state in southen China (of minority group), dim moon
hǔang hùang screen
héng hèng gūang húang hùang across
húang fast boat
húang hǔang a kind of grain; yellow color; not sticky, (same as 餭) fried puffy shredded, sugar-plums; sweetmeats
hǔang hùang big eyes, a kind of eye disease
húang bamboo grove; bamboo
húang hǔang hùang gūang expanse of water, lake, pond
hǔang luminous; bright hoary, white
húang kind of locust
húang a semicircular jade ornament used as a pendant
húang fat; obese, swelling
húang to walk
húang sturgeon
hǔang lie
húang weapon
húang jaundice
húang kùang sulphur; brimstone
húang light yellow dust-like fungoid growth on wine, etc., barley, chaff or husks of wheat (non-classical form of 餭) fried puffy shredded, sugar-plums; sweetmeats
húang reed of woodwind instrument
hǔang sound of a bell; small bell
húang leech
hǔang hank of ropes
húang (same as 凰) the female phoenix, a legendary bird in Chinese mythology, (standard form of 皇) beautiful; brilliant, royal
húang sturgeon
húang (same as 葟) luxuriant; exuberant; flourishing (said of grass and tress; vegetation; flora)
húang (ancient form of 煌) great blaze; luminous; glittering, as the stars; bright and brilliant
húang (same as 騜) horse with mixed colors of yellow and white, chestnut color mixed with white
húang the sturgeon