Mandarin Search: ji

𠼻 a particle used in transliteration
𣪠 to attack
𡜱 to envy, to be angry with; (Cant.) pregnant
𨸚 series, rank, grade
small table
snout; KangXi radical 58
self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem
snout; KangXi radical 58
to assemble. to gather together
extend; reach; come up to; and
plan, plot; strategem; scheme
ridicule, jeer, mock; inspect
choke on something eaten
sigh in disapproval; take small
name of a place
léi to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
name of a mountain
hunger, starving; hungry; a famine
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
record; keep in mind, remember
level, rank, class; grade
record, annal, historical account
(ancient form of 旡) choked and unable to breath
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
to divine
chī eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear
desk; machine; moment
lucky, propitious, good
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
talent, skill, ability
muscle tissue; meat on bones
pearl that is not quite round
jetty; submerged rock; eddy
kernel, seed; enjoy, feast [?]
system; line, link, connection
a marshal or herald; an offical rank in old times, indicating exclamation (same as 哉)
extreme, utmost, furthest, final
skill, ability, talent, ingenuity
jealous, envious; fear
perilous, hazardous; high, steep
court-dress jewels
promptly, quickly, immediately
garbage, rubbish; shaking; danger
draw water from well; imbibe
his, her, its, their; that
quarter of year; season; surname
live, dwell, reside, sit
urgently, immediately, extremely
medicinal preparation
strange, unusual, uncanny, occult
kind of white wine; rivers in Hebei and Shandong
louse eggs, nits
(a variant of 急) anxious; hurried; urgent; hasty
the bolt of a door; door latch
zhǐ dwell, to live in a depraved (crude; vulgar; inferior) place
strong, robust; exact, correct
(same as 冀) hope; wish; to hope and scheme for, to stammer; to stutter; stuttering, to give
jìn near, close; approach; intimate
border, boundary, juncture
beauty; imperial concubine
plan, plot; strategem; scheme
zhì zhī to go up to. flourishing a superlative
(Cant.) to guard (from Engl. 'guard'); a card (from Engl. 'card'); young and pretty (from Engl. 'kid')
leather, animal hides; rad. 177
danger; precarious; perilous, lofty; high, to decay; to break; to snap
quick, quickly; urgent, pressing
crowd, squeeze, push against
help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
record, annal, historical account
already; de facto; since; then
until; till; soup; to soak
jíe clean, purify, pure
jíe jīe knot, tie; join, connect
gěi give; by, for
to be weaked by disease; feeble; lean (a dialect) poor in quality
spine, backbone; ridge
record; keep in mind, remember
jíe expose other's secrets, pry
beauty; imperial concubine
zhài flaw, fault, defect; disease
illness, disease, sickness; to hate
continue, maintain, carry on
level, rank, class; grade
name of a plant, the roots are used for various purposes
water caltrop
bamboo box used carry books
covet, long for, desire
chirping of insects; pump; (Cant.) a final particle
accumulate, store up, amass
wooden shoes, clogs
traces, impressions, footprints
to go straight forward; (Cant.) to raise up
medicinal preparation
carving or engraving knife; grave
(corrupted form of 悸) perturbed, to throb, palpitation of the heart
zhé colar, the front of a Chinese gown, lapel of a Chinese dress worn by the literati in former days
spin; achievements
fearful, apprehensive, perturbed
(ancient form of 髻) dressed hair of a Chinese woman; a coiffure with a topknot
(same as 踦)one-legged, crippled; halt, a defect, tired, the shin
(same as 瘦 瘠) thin; lean; slim; enacuated, a kind of skin disease, a chill, a cold, malaria, (interchangeable ) cough; chilly disease; catching cold
zhài sacrifice to, worship
name of a river
jīe stalks of millet, corn
to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour (distinguish DKW 30790 gou3)
illness; disease, could not have access to ...
drag aside, pull; drag one foot
ē wēi exclamation of admiration
(abbreviated form of 擠) to crowd; to throng; to push; to squeeze
help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
júe zǔi to know; to recognize, to hide; to conceal, (same as 嘴) beak (of a bird), stone probe
(same as 极) a wooden frame (on the back of a donkey) for carrying things, (simplified form of 極) to exhaust, extreme; highest; topmost
(same as 惎) to bear jealous hatred for; to hate; to hold a grudge against, to injure atrociously; to murder
already; de facto; since; then
to set with the legs clossed (standard form of 踞), (ancient form of 箕) a winnowing basket, a dust basket, (same as 杞)a state in ancient times
send, transmit, mail; rely on
still, silent, quiet, desolate
ride horseback; mount; cavalry
foundation, base
hunger, starving; hungry; a famine
jíe brave; martial; hasty; scudding
(same as 飺) to reject food
tired; weary
(ancient form of 濟) various; varied; numerous, elegant and dignified
jìe sigh, groan; loud laughter
chirping of insects; pump
with expedition; urgent; hasty, anxious; worried, respectrully serious; to take careful precautions; to do something in a serious manner, to love; to like; to be found of; to be kind to
period of time; date; time limit
full year, anniversary
animal horns
a hairpin on which the hair is bound at the back of the head. 15 of age
a kind of jade
chess; any game similar to chess
jujube tree; thorns, brambles
lúan small lump of meat; sliced meat
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
gǔi (same as 觤) gaot with different horns (one is long and the other short)
to dismember body of the livestock
public opinion; clamour; noise, (ancient form of 雷); thunder, an organic compound (porphin); (porphyrins)
jíe qìe (dung) beetle
zhān chān dān peek; spy on, watch; investigate
grain offered in ritual sacrifice; millet
up; uneven
zhǐ (same as 鍺) chemical element, Germanium
jíe jīe knot, tie; join, connect
è gùi to discard, to abandon, to die; death
how many? how much?; a few, some
chī eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear
a lance with two points, a halberd with a crescent -shaped blade; weapons used in ancient times, to stimulate; to provoke; to excite; to irritate, to point with the index finger and the middle finger; to describe angry or an awe-inspiring display of milit
mountain in Henan; surname
assemble, collect together
tie it tightly, to lead an ox, a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
mountain in Henan; surname
spear; (Cant.) to cut, slice; grass-shears
to boil away; to boil over, boiling sound, sound of the flowing water, etc., (interchangeable 渫) rolling billows
injure, harm, murder
gěi xía give; by, for
to sew in close stitches
salute, bow; defer to, yield
hairpin; fifteen year old girl
paint, decorate
halberd with crescent blade
red slippers, (corrupted form of 履) shoes
the weight on a steelyard, connected stitches
continue, maintain, carry on
nǐan pèng ròu a whetstone, (a dialect) a corner; a nook; a crack; an opening; a cleft
a full year, an anniversary
a heart symptom
odd, fractional, remainder, odds
jealousy; be jealous of
achievements, conduct deserving
mountain ridge
fǎng hǎn mǒu zǔo (ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
to put away; to cease; store up
gather up, collect; edit, compile
rǒng separate, partition
chickens; domestic fowl
species of deer
ascend, go up, rise
search, track, trace
oil and grease; fats, the bursting of a wound
oar, paddle
extreme, utmost, furthest, final
to put to death to imprison for life
good graces; great favors, luster
same as 冀 to hope for; to wish
a valley with a stream in it; a gorge
to clear up after rain; to cease be angry
chì zhì prolonged fever; chronic malaria
name of fish
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
kind of grasses
qìe to join, to splice, to braid
border, boundary, juncture
to bind, to exhaust; to use up; to complete; to finish, to slay
ái bèi jìan shǎn shèn get the unborn baby goat by killng the mother goat
to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
jìe plough
Codium macronatum
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
kúi (standard, ancient form of 繼) to continue; to carry on, to follow; to inherit; to succeed to
to become emaciated
(same as 亟) urgent; pressing
a dark colored birth-mark
paint, decorate
to wink, to shed tears
kúi staring
(non-classical form of 霽) to stop raining; to clear up; the sky clearing up
shore; waterside
a kind of cattle; a cattle of short statured
sieve; dust pan, garbage bag
name of a mountain, in Taiwan Province
and; attain, reach; confines
trample on, tread on
thin, emaciated; barren
one turning up and one turning down
imperial domain; area near capital
a kind of black small bird
a centipede
to cheat
jíe lofty; majestic, name of a mountain
(same as 㠍) a lofty mountain
the shin; to pierce; to touch
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
(same as 畿)the royal domains set apart in ancient times for the emperor
a fountain or spring out from the underground
break or smash into pieces, pulverize; hash
examine, investigate; delay
to sew in close stitches
god of cereals; minister of agriculture
Carassius auratus, crucian carp
to suck; to chew, to smear the mouth with the blood of a victim when taking an oath
sigh in disapproval; take small
panicled millet
plough deep; sown slowly
name of a variety of grass
accumulate, store up, amass
(same as 嶬) precipitous; nigh and dangerous, name of a mountain
jíe hair rolled up in a bun, topknot
machine; moment, chance
hope for; wish; Hebei province
and; attain
medicinal preparation
zhài a wasting disease
danger; precarious, to fear, lofty; high, just; honest, to grind, to cultivate; to polish
gather up, collect; edit, compile
jiào jiāo arouse, excite, incite; quickly
furze; gorse
circium, thistles; surname
feet; (same as 䟸) the calf; muscles; tissue of the part of leg between the knee and ankle, a disease of the feet
pearl that is not quite round
name of a place (be famous for fine jade), a kind of jade
ramie; linen sackcloth, to twist and join (cords); to continue, to order the arrest of; to capture
to sip; (Cant.) aspect marker of excessive extent
jetty; submerged rock; eddy
crowd, squeeze, push against
ti rise up; a rainbow; to fall
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
take short steps
xiào a small boat connected to the back of a big boat; used to load the passengers, cargo or goods, warship, a kind of tools used to capsize
(Cant.) classifier for hair
to help, aid, relieve; to ferry, cross
halter; restrain, hold, control
a kind of woolen fabric
pray for good fortune
a pleat, fold, tuck, crease
luxuriant growth; extreme; to reach
covet, long for, desire
spin; achievements
jíe (same as 齌) a raging fire
(interchangeable 革) urgent; anxious, hard, solid and durable leather, a leather whip
chickens; domestic fowl
hùo shè (same as 魊) a cyclone; a whirlwind, a fabulous creature which supposedly hurts human beings by casting sand out of its mouth; ghost
to accumulate or to store up rice, to purchase grain with public funds and store it against famine
ride horseback; mount; cavalry
plow, cultivate
louse eggs, nits
sound of rat; sound of insects
trace, tracks; footprints
a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large carts
break or smash into pieces, pulverize
thoroughbred horse; refined and
to strain out; to filter wine; to squeeze juice out of; to draw; to press milk
circium, thistles; surname
attach, connect, unite, fasten
acrida chinensis
ridicule, jeer, mock; inspect
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
overbearing, crafty
continue, maintain, carry on
zéi Carassius auratus, crucian carp
jìe mat, pad; rely on; pretext
jìan death of a disembodied spirit; depraved
jìe record, register, list; census
ascend, go up, rise
take in both hands and offer to
a dose, prepared medicines or drugs, to prepare (medicines and drugs)
starve, be hungry; famine
覿 see; interview; be admitted to audience
qín variety of artemisia seek
inn; lodge; travel
to clear up after rain; to cease be angry
break or smash into pieces, pulverize; hash
variant of 羇 , inn; to lodge; to travel
luxuriant of the grass; the grass growing densely, horses traveling in line order and swiftly
sparse hair on a knot on the top of the head, hair dressed without ornaments
halter; restrain, hold, control
minced pickles; leeks; mix; salt
halter; restrain, hold, control
thoroughbred horse; refined
to gnaw; to bite, well-arranged teeth
numerous; very many, large group of horses traveling in a line