Mandarin Search: jie

𡽱 jìe a high hill; the name of a hill
jíe seal; KangXi radical 26
jíe remaining, left-over; lonely
jíe (same as 筄) last name; KangXi radical 26; a joint, a seal, (ancient form of 節)
jíe kwukyel
jìe forerunner, herald, harbinger; to lie between; sea shell; to wear armor
jìe dense
jíe expose other's secrets, pry
jìa jìe jie price, value
jíe (same as 岊) the turning area of a mountain, mountain top; summit, a high mountain, a bare (of bald) mountain or hill
jíe jìu zhòu (same as 疚) prolonged illness, mental discomfort, to stay in one place for a long period
jíe resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
jíe zhì to strike; to run against to throw, as a stone
jíe foothill
jīe stairs, steps; rank, degree
jìe warn, caution, admonish
jíe pimple, sore, boil
jíe take by force, coerce; disaster
jìe a turban; a headdress a scarf
jìe (same as 介) alone; solitary, to live alone
jíe take by force, coerce; disaster
jíe disaster, misfortune; coerce
jìe numerary adjunct for time, term
jíe jīe knot, node, joint; section
jǐe elder sister, young lady
jíe to plunder; to rob openly
jíe be discreet, prudent, cautious
jíe hero; heroic, outstanding
jìe large jade tablet used by officials at court to indicate their ranks
jíe question, interrogate
jìe numerary adjunct for time, term
jíe qìa to strip the skin of the face; an imminent calamity, to engrave; (Cant.) to pierce
jíe inferior silk; tassel, fringe
jìe warn, admonish; warning
jìe boundary, limit; domain; society; the world
jíe clean; pure; clear, usually used for names
jíe zhé (same as 矺) to rap; to tap; to beat(same as 磔) torture of dismemberment used in the ancient times, sound of throwing something to the ground
jíe jīe knot, tie; join, connect
jìe scabies, itch
jīe all, every, everybody
shí jìe shè pick up, collect, tidy up; accounting form of the numeral ten
jíe (ancient form of 桀) a hen-roost, cruel, the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty
jíe jía laboring hard, occupied; pursue
jíe clean, purify, pure
jíe zhì comb; comb out; weed out, elimininate
jìe (same as 价) a servant, a middle-man, good, great; (a simplified form) price; value
jíe xíe Chinese bellflower; well-swept; the inner fibers of corn-stalks
jīa jie house, home, residence; family
jíe chicken roost; ancient emperor
jíe balance weights
jīe ancestor, forefather; grandfather
jíe expose other's secrets, pry
jìe to enjoin upon; urgent
jíe beautiful, handsome; woman
jìe borrow; lend; make pretext of
jìe gài mustard plant; mustard; tiny
jìe a red spotted lizard, used as medicine
jīe net for catching rabbits
xíe jīe together; be in order
jíe handsome
xìe jìe weapons; implements, instruments
zǎn jíe quick, fast
jìe illness; disease; sickness, idiotic; crazy; insane; silly
chá zhǎ jīe bāo xíe sackcloth; female hemp plant
jìe sigh, groan; loud laughter
jīe receive; continue; catch; connect
jíe qìa short (dialect) to curry favor; to toady; to flatter; to try hard to please
jíe qìe win, victory, triumph
jīe stalks of millet, corn
jíe brave; martial; hasty; scudding
jīe raise, lift up; surname
jíe to have quick glance; look-in; to look hastily
jíe kài thirsty, parched; yearn, pine
jīe to graft
jíe (variant of 捷) alert, nimble, prompt, clever, smart
jīe stairs, steps; rank, degree
jíe jía xíe fly upward, soar; contest
jīe flow
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
jía jíe lined garment
jíe hero; outstanding, remarkable
jíe jīe knot, tie; join, connect
xíe jíe a marking line; ascertain, assess; measure
jīe music; melody
jíe (Cant.) used phonetically in English loan-words (e.g., cap, keep)
jīe stairs; a flight of steps; a degree, a class, a rank or step
jìe person's name
jīe nipple, pap
jíe qìe (dung) beetle
jíe hold up
jíe the Crustacea; a sea-anemone
jīe to set (a table); to install, equip; to lay (a foundation)
jīe street, road, thoroughfare
jíe (Cant.) to order someone to leave
jíe jīe knot, node, joint; section
jǐe loosen, unfasten, untie; explain
jíe (Cant.) dense, thick, viscous
jíe shè eyelashes
jíe question, interrogate
jǐe jìe xìe loosen, unfasten, untie; explain
jíe qìa tablet; a signpost
jíe to lie flat, to be inactive; stiff; rigid, dead-locked
jíe the square peck-shaped box half-way up a Chinese flagstaff
jīe jūe sigh, alas
jíe (non-classical form of 捷) to win; to triumph, swift; quick; rapid
kǎi jīe model style of Chinese writing
gài gùi jíe generally, approximately
jíe stone tablet
jíe ripening crops, long grains, husks; chaff; bran (of grain)
jìe use a hair-pin to set and dress the hair
jìe plough
jìe zǒng to look at; to see, to peep; to look something stealthily, angry
shà jíe fan
jíe put forth great effort; exhaust
jīe stalk of grain, rice, corn, hemp
jìe warn, admonish; warning
jíe a well sweep
jìe crossbill, species of nightingale
jíe clam; oyster
jíe cut off, stop, obstruct, intersect
jíe (non-classical of 潔) clean; pure; clear
kǎi jīe high quality iron
gǔn hùn hùo jíe to turn; to shift; to move
jíe perch for fowls roost on
jíe wether, castrated ram; deer skin
jíe lofty; majestic, name of a mountain
jíe qīa smilax china
jíe jía xíe fly upward, soar; contest; to rob
jíe name of a village in today's Sichuan Province; (a corrupted form of 䣟䣢) name of pavilion
jìe a kind of bird
jìa jie price, value
jíe clean, purify, pure
jìe (corrupted form of ) a flatfish; a sole
xìe jìe government office, public office
jìe children's garments. a mat for wrapping garments
jìe qín xìan (ancient form of 屆) numerary adjunct for periodic terms or events, to arrive, toexpire
xìe jǐe a fabulous monster
jìe (same as 誡) to warn; to admonish
jíe hair rolled up in a bun, topknot
jìe (non-classical and corrupted form of ) a flatfish; a sole
jìe (Cant.) to saw; to cut
kǎi jīe jǐe high quality iron
jíe qìa clam; oyster
jǐe xìe a kind of oak
jíe pure; virtuous; devotion; dedication, to have bearings; to have manners
jíe (Cant.) to squeeze; to eject; to spray
jíe (Cant.) to squeeze out; tickle
jíe (same as 齌) a raging fire
jíe ashes; candle end
jìe (same as 疥) scabies
jìe zǔn lush growth; dense growth of trees and grass, to huddle together; to crowd together
jíe to gather; to assemble; to come together; to blend; to mix, disorderly; mixed, a general term for wealthy goods and textiles (in southern minority group)
jíe zhì comb out; weed out, eliminate
jìe an oar or paddle. to row
jīe xìe woody climbing plant
jíe a kind of sea crab
jìe to work as a tailor, and do washing-for a living
jíe pimple, sore, boil
jìe crossbill, species of nightingale
jíe (same as 蠽) a blue-green colored cicada
jíe to set in order; to adjust and repair
jìe record, register, list; census
jìe mat, pad; rely on; pretext
jíe a kind of sickle, chemical element; old translation of ( 鎳); Nickel Ni, to carve
jiào jíe dark; dim; eyesight obscured, angry look; angry eyes
jíe a kind of fish; grown in fresh water; with flat body; orange color or blue colored pattern