Mandarin Search: ju

chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
(ancient form of 巨) great; big, chief, very
qǐe moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
gōu sentence
large, great, enormous; chief
to dwell
chǔ chù place, locale; department
zǒu (non-classcial form of 走) to walk, to run, to leave
an interjection used express surprise
chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
to collect; to join together
chá (non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
foot; attain, satisfy, enough
bureau, office; circumstance
to occupy, take possession of; a base, position
ward off with hand, defend
live, dwell, reside, sit
dull, stupid, suspicious
suck; chew, masticate
tool, implement; draw up, write
gōu restrain, seize, detain
a cove; a bay, a bend or nook in the hills, the outside part of a curved bank; the curve of a bow
river in Henan
jīan stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
(an ancient form of 居), to dewell; to remain, to be in--of various states and conditions, to occupy, the course of one's life
colt; fleet, swift; sun; surname
narrow, cramped, confined
raise, lift up; recommend
steel, iron; great
gùi cabinet, cupboard; shop counter
gǒu gōu kind of aspen found in Sichuan
zhā hawthorn
jìu jīu qíu long and curved
rocky, hilly, uneven
arrogant, haughty, rude
carpenter's square, ruler, rule
black millet
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
jíe xíe Chinese bellflower; well-swept; the inner fibers of corn-stalks
rent, lease; rental; tax
ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
hold in hands
raise, lift up; recommend
jīe net for catching rabbits
a leather ball for kicking
lòng a river in ancient times
theatrical plays, opera, drama
all, together; accompany
(Cant.) to roast, bake; to suffocate, stuffy
fear, be afraid of, dread
chá zhǎ jīe bāo xíe sackcloth; female hemp plant
kind of lettuce
prudent; cautious
cakes made from rice flour twisted into rings
body, fat; plump
mountain name
to occupy, take possession of; a base, position
to walk alone; self-reliant
chǔ a kind of animal
to grasp or hold with both hands
distance; bird's spur
curved piece of wood, to bend; to crouch, name of a tree, name of a fruit
ditch, canal, channel, gutter
support structure for bell
cyclone, typhoon, gale
an appliance used to lift food; something like a narrow, long table, to carry; to transport
numb feet; to limp
weak, lame
interjection used to express surprise
yùan (same as 醵) to pool money (for a feast, etc.); to contribute to a feast
gōu yoke
qìe weak, lame
a saw; to saw; amputate
hemp-like plant; taro; herb
osprey, fishhawk; hold back
a small plot of land
irregular teeth; discord
chú hoe; eradicate, eliminate
steel, iron; great
round-shaped bamboo basket for
carpenter's square, ruler, rule
type of elm
zōu name of an ancient state; surname
chú to till; to plough; to cultivate, agricultural implements; farm tools
name of tree; surname
lóu poor, impoverished
bent, stooped, crouched; contract
lapel, border of garment; skirt
salted or pickled vegetables
assemble, meet together, collect
lóu poor, impoverished
the toad (especially in reference to the one supposed to live on the moon), earthworm
a family name
to bind or restrain; restraint; restriction, timid and awkward, to wind around; to tangle, to connect; to join, together with
to rub; to grind; to polish; to wear
(a variant of 據) to receive, as communications from a subordinate, to rely on, to lean on, evidence; proof, according to; whereas
㨿 (a variant of 據) to receive, as communications from a subordinate, to rely on, to lean on, evidence; proof, according to; whereas
delicated; lovely; beautiful, spoiled, jealous; to envy; jealousy, used in girl's name
(Cant.) to suffocate
name of a valley in today's Shanxi Province
crouch, squat; sit, occupy
offspring of a stallion and a she-mule
the reasonable of speeking
chú hoe; eradicate
to make a judicial investigation
colt; fleet, swift; sun; surname
theatrical plays, opera, drama
straw sandals; tread on
raise, lift up; recommend
to walk alone; self-reliant
bashful; ashamed
wǎn a woven instrument; a knitting tool, name of a variety of bamboo
to occupy, take possession of; a base
a saw; to saw; amputate
betel pepper; Amorphaphalus konjac
lóu poor, impoverished
orange, tangerine
qīong bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
lǒu bamboo basket
cyclone, typhoon, gale
jìu a pigeon-like bird; with a comb or crest, a shrike; butcherbird
suddenly, unexpectedly; at once
zōu name of a state; surname
lóu lǐu Artemisia stelleriana
straw sandals; tread on
to wrap or band, (same as 鞠) to nourish, to inform, a ball a child
shrike; Lanius species (various)
interrogate, question
(non-classical form of 噱) to laugh without stopping, loud laughter
chú chick, fledging; infant, toddler
raise, lift up; recommend
qún a hole; an opening, a cave, empty; hollow
a sea-bird with a white breast
(an ancient name) a kind of silver fish, a kind of insect
the globefish; blowfish; puffer
swelling of the gums ( of the teeth)
a varietyof millet, to stick, sticky; glutinous
zhā irregular teeth; discord
contribute for drinks; pool money
(simplified form 鶪) a shrike
type of elm
to seize, as a bird of prey, to seize and carry off, to grasp
fear, be afraid of, dread
wild ghost; ghost without head; a demon
zhōu zhǔ zhù sell; child, childish; nourish
jiāo xiāo qiáo spirited horse; haughty
(interchangeable 菊) flower of the chrysanthemum; chrysanthemun
a family name
crude bamboo mat
(same as 齟) unevenly-fitting teeth, irregular teeth, resplendent with variegated coloration; bright and colorful