Mandarin Search: jue

𠢤 jùe to urge, compel
júe hook; KangXi radical 6
júe beautiful
júe larvae of the mosquito
xúe júe xùe cave, den, hole; KangXi radical 116
júe decide, determine, judge
júe take leave of, bid farewell
júe scoop out; gouge
júe a kind of animal, the animals to run about wildly, wild; mad; crazy, (same as 獪) cunning; artful; crafty
kúang júe insane, mad; violent; wild
júe decide, determine, judge
júe choose, select; gouge, pluck out
jiǎo júe horn; angle, corner; point
júe to dig a passage through a mountain or hill; to drill, collapsed in ruins; to crumble, the earth cracking up
júe kuài a basin; a bowl
júe zhùo the buttocks, the anus
júe broken piece of jade
júe two pieces of jade joined together
qùe qūe júe (Cant.) 啲咑, a trumpet
júe to cut, sever, break off, terminate
júe (same as non-classical form 蛆) maggot
júe jiào to wake up from sleep; conscious
júe two pieces of jade joined together
júe (corrupted form of 怴) crazy; mad, anger; angry, idiotic; silly; stupid, ill-will; enmity; animus
júe to pierce through; to penetrate through; to cross, extremely; to the extreme, a hole; an opening; an aperture, with no door or window
júe chēng type of willow; tamarisk
júe to look askance at, to dislike, a kind of eye disease (tears all the times), pretty eyes, (same as 瞲) to look at in surprise
júe jùe stubborn, obstinate, intransigent; firm
júe to hiccough; to dig out to expand
júe to gore, stab
jiào júe compare; comparatively, more
júe rafter; malus toringo
júe to perceive, feel
júe towering, eminent; rise abruptly
júe high and lofty (mountains)
júe the cross-bar at the sides of a carritage, (same as 較) to compare
júe gùi kick with hoof; horse's gallop
júe take leave of, bid farewell
júe zǔi to know; to recognize, to hide; to conceal, (same as 嘴) beak (of a bird), stone probe
júe jiào to sleep; to realize, feel
júe handcuffs, manacles, fetters
júe kùi gùi to long for; dissatisfied to criticize
jiǎo júe leg, foot; base, leg, foundation
júe xúe (interchangeable ) a numerary adjunct for practically everything; a thread; a yarn, clothes for the dead, linen thread; silk thread
júe dig, excavate; excavate cave
júe cut
júe a kind of jade
júe to pierce, to stab; to take
júe cut, sever, break off, terminate
júe to wake up from sleep; conscious
júe bore with awl; bright, charming
júe frog
júe personal pronoun he, she, it
júe yùe to cut the timber apart; to cut a tree; (Cant.) to blunt
júe zhúo (same as 斲) to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew, to carve for ornaments
júe to penetrate; to pierce through, a hole; an aperture; an opening, a cave
júe clay-made blowing wind instruments; music instruments made of clay
júe xùe the dung beetle, scarabaeus; the scavenger beetle
júe to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter, tongue of the cow
júe a small rafters made of bamboo which project form the eaves and support the tiles, a kind of bamboo
jiǎo júe foot; base, leg, foundation
júe yúan mountain peak; mountain top; summit
díe júe (interchangeable 鞢) a jade ring with a small segment cut off; used to indicate separation, a thumb-ring worn by archers, tinkling sound of clicking (said of metal), (corrupted form of 渫) to remove; to eliminate
jiào júe xiào compare; comparatively, more
qùe júe qūe watch tower; palace
gǔi gùn húan júe (ancient form of 簋) a square basket of bamboo for holding grain used at sacrifices, feasts, etc.
jīe jūe sigh, alas
chùo júe qùe disease; illness, goat (or sheep) get sick, a throbbing goat (or sheep)
jiǎo júe the foot or feet cast of a play
júe to break something, to drag; to pull
júe twin gems
júe cunning, crafty, sly, wily
júe shirt or a jacket without any decorated hem
júe (same as 絕) to cut short; to break off; to interrupt, to drag; to pull
júe chisel for engraving; engrave
kuài júe gallop
júe (same as 攫) to seize; to take hold of; to snatch
jùe júe the tailor-bird; the working bird
júe shrike; butcherbird
gǔa júe tools to unreel silk
jūe pouting
júe (same as 趉) walking rapidly, to walk
júe fareshare reclaimed from river
jūe júe gùi protrude; snap, break; dig
júe unruly, wild, violent, lawless
júe wily, time-serving; to feign, to act the hypocrite
júe to hiccough; the humours of the body
júe name of a river in Hubei Province, name of a state in ancient times
qíong júe splendid
júe xúe laugh heartily, laugh aloud
júe a post, a stake; an axle
júe hoe
qùe júe kúi close, shut; watch tower
júe blaze of fire; burning vigorously
júe palate
júe qùe an ancient measure; a goblet; mean; frightened
júe bright eyes, angry look; angry eyes (ancient form of 覺) to awaken, to wake up from sleep, to feel
júe feudal title or rank
júe zùi handful
zùi júe zhúo little, small, tiny; petty
júe short clothes, to lift up clothes and across a river
jūe straw sandals
júe the Siberian jerboa
júe pteris aquilina, common bracken
qùe júe qūe watch tower; palace
júe jǔe gùi stumble, fall down; trample
qiāo júe strong; brave; sandals; shoes
júe cunning, crafty, sly, wily
júe gùi mandarin fish
júe a pick, a hoe
júe look about in fright or alarm
júe jiào to wake up from sleep; conscious
júe kúi lěi tǔi tǔo (same as 橢) oval; oblong; elliptical
júe to select; to choose; to pick out, to lift; to carry on the shoulders -- of two or more men, to wipe out, to brush over lightly, to carry; to take or bring along at one's convenience, to cut; to par; to trim; to shave
jiáo júe jiào prattle, be glib
júe buckle
júe a large ape found in W. China
júe to be in awe of; to fear
gùi júe mandarin fish
júe snatch away, seize; catch with
júe ape
júe take quick, short steps
júe (simplified form) a big hoe, to eliminate; to uproot; to clear; to dig; to excavate
júe a mattock; a billhook