Mandarin Search: kao

𥬯 kǎo kào a basket
kǎo qiǎo obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
kāo end of spine; buttocks, sacrum
kǎo examine, test; investigate
kǎo káo examine, test; investigate
kǎo torture and interrogate; hit
kǎo bake, roast, toast, cook
kǎo mangrove
chú kǎo tǒu bottle, earthenware
kào shackles, manacles
kào fly
kǎo gǎo draft, manuscript
kào shackles, manacle
kào (same as 犒) to reward or cheer troops with food, money, gifts, etc., (same as 臛) meat broth
kào entertain victorious soldiers
kàn kào thick blood of cattle and goat
gǎo kào gāo wither; withered, rotten, dead
kào lean on, trust, depend on; near
kǎo the dry at the fire to roast
kǎo hāo dried food
kǎo big head