Mandarin Search: kuan

kūan broad, wide; spacious, vast
hún kǔan tray for carrying sacrificial meat
kǔan to treat well; to detain
kǔan xīn item, article; clause; fund
kǔan numerary adjunct for trees
kǔan same as 款 , an item, article; clause, fund
kūan broad
kǔan grain, kernel
húa hún kǔan whole piece of or unbroken firewoods, complete; whole; undamaged; general, (same as 梡) a kind of tree
kūan broad, wide; spacious, vast
kùan shì sùi to ornament; to decorate, to push
kǔan (same as 梡) a small wooden stand having four legs; it was used in sacrifice, faggots
kǔan grain, kernel
kǔan hole; hallow; empty
kǔan name of a variety of grass, Compositae; chrysanthemum family, perennial herbage; to blossom in winter
kǔan a branding-iron, to solder
kūan hipbone; hip
kǔan a fish, the sound of touching the fish net
kūan hipbone; hip