Mandarin Search: lei

𩔗 lèi kind, species; to be similar to
léi to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
lèi jīn ribs; chest
lěi handle of plow; plow; rad. 127
lěi lèi inferior; secondary, ugly
lèi tears; weep, cry
lěi eulogize, praise the dead
lèi class, group, kind, category
lèi to cut; to mince; to slice; to carve
lěi lèi léi rampart, military wall
lěi name of a county in today's Hunan Province
lèi enclosure, dike, embankment
lèi tears; weep, cry
lèi lěi léi lìe tired; implicate, involve; bother
lēi strangle, tighten
lèi tears; weep
lěi pulp of a melon, a kind of melon
lèi (abbreviated form) (interchangeable ) a kind of jade; a kind of red colored precious stone
lèi líng a kind of tree can be used as dye-stuff, the mast of a boat
lèi (same as 淚) tears
lèi variegated; woolen fabric of different colors
lěi tired, exhausted; surname
lěi eulogize, praise the dead
léi lèi thunder
lěi lóu a sack used to feed the horses, an old family name
lei (Cant.) final particle used for polite refusal
léi lèi (ancient form of 雷) thunder, mine (an explosive); fuse
léi surname
léi a chain or rope used bind criminals
léi lěi (interchangeable 儽) utterly weary in body and spirits; negligent; lax
lèi to pour out a libation; to sprinkle
lùo lěi river in northern Shandong
léi fields divided by dikes
lěi pile of rocks or stones; great
léi ugly appearance of a person, dry meat; preserved meat
lěi (same as 誄) writings eulogizing adead person; a speech, ode, etc. in praise of the dead, to pray for the dead
léi bull; bullock; ox (castrated), 求子牛
lěi léi sedan
léi lěi a marsh in ancient times; in today's Shandong Province; betweem Heze and Yun Cheng
léi lèi lēi rub, grind; grind with a mortar and pestle; triturate
lěi a heap of stones; boulders
léi lèi in ancient times to fight against the enemy by pushing down the big rocks from up high; to throw over, to urge; to exert oneself, to carry in the bosom
léi a chain or rope used bind criminals
lèi a gray horse, a kind of grain
lèi rapid marching or running
lěi a basket for earth or soil, regulations; law, model
lěi puppet, dummy
dùi lěi (same as abbreviated form of 灅) the strength of a current, flowing water, name of a stream; at Yoybeiping
lěi lèi léi rampart, military wall
léi lùo mattress made of bamboo strips, bed
lèi léi to beat a drum
léi a kind of fish net
lěi (same as 壘) a military wall, a rampart, to pile up, a pile
léi radium
lěi buds, unopened flowers
léi lían weak, lean, emaciated, exhausted
lèi class, group, kind, category
lěi a wart; a pimple; a pustule on the skin
lěi (same as 儡) puppets, very tired; fatigued; weary and weak
lèi léi lěi roll
júe kúi lěi tǔi tǔo (same as 橢) oval; oblong; elliptical
lèi to grind; by turning a mill to get the chaff, bran or husks off, a mill
lēi (Cant.) to come
léi radium
léi lèi lěi bind, wind about; link, join
lèi knot; blemish, flaw, wicked
lěi vine, creeper; to wind
léi large earthenware wine jar
lèi smoky, covering; to spread, cloth for covering food
léi lèi thick, strong
lěi lazy; tired out, worn fatigued
lěi an ancient neme of a river in Shanxi and Hebei
lěi a creeper
léi sedan
lěi (same as 鸓) flying squirrel; bats
léi entwine; basket for carrying dirt