Mandarin Search: li

𥝢 to take advantage of; sharp (of weapons); profitable; profit
𠩺 to split, rive, crack
𩔗 lèi kind, species; to be similar to
power, capability, influence
history; calendar
whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet
wèi stand; let stand; establish, set
social custom; manners; courtesy
government official, magistrate
social custom; manners; courtesy
chǐ tree
plum; judge; surname
trickle, drip; strain; dregs
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
unit of distance; village; lane
strive; encourage
used in onomatopoetic expressions
shì affair, matter; work
gains, advantage, profit, merit
cry, sob, weep
a sore, ulcer; pestilence
scattered or dispersed and clear, to stop, to detain, a conncetion, lineage
foul and poisonous in confusion; out of harmony
dài subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
type of oak; stable
lìe perverse, recalcitrant, rebellious
precedent, example; regulation
sound of rolling a boat
máo tail; hair; yak
scrofulous lumps or swellings
spouse, couple, pair
láo yùe chestnut-leaved oak; oak
thousandth part of tael
smooth; active; clever, sharp
rustic, vulgar, unpolished; mean
lèi class, group, kind, category
zhì chì to leap over
run over something with vehicle
a tool for brushing the thread, ornamental; brilliant
remains; remnants
mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad
(a simplified form) to strike; to tap, to shock
to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; fearful; terrified, grieved; distressed; grieved; distressed
zhí place in today's Henan province
chestnut tree, chestnuts; surname
name of a pavilion in Han Dynasty, name of a county in ancient China
the lichee, a fruit which grows in South China
whetstone; sharpen
smooth; active; clever, sharp
kūi hūi to laugh at to pity; afflicted, sad
brother's wife
sound, noise; final particle
li mile
a pure black horse; a pair of horses
è type of caldron with three hollow legs; name of a state; KangXi radical number 193
(same as 劙) to divide, to partition, to cut; to hack; to reap
nautical mile
big stone
mái fox
a kind of plant
gravel, pebbles
anger; rage; angry, (same as 戾) recalcitrant; stubbornly persisting in doing something wrong; cruel; despotic
a kind of monkey
river in Hebei province; creek
lùo kind of necklace
(Cant.) excessively thin
ulcer, a sore; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning; pestilence; epidemic, leprosy, (interchangeable 勵) to exhort to great effort; to urge
(Cant.) tongue
reason, logic; manage
unpolished rice; brown rice
to sink; to fall, to entrap, to crush; to capture
meandering, winding
lǜe (same as 李) plums, a plum tree
chī rare beast; strange; elegant
bamboo hat; bamboo covering
cry of bird; cry
grain; small particle
long grains
máo (same as 蟊) insects that are injurious to crops
pear; opera; cut, slash
lèi tears; weep, cry
a pig-sty; a kind of medicinal plant
lèi (same as 淚) tears
(ancient form of 瑟) a large horizontal musical instrument, usually have 25 strings which pass over bridges for tuning; anciently this instrument had 50 strings, but the number varies
lìe twist with hands; snap, tear
a hod, a basket in which to carry earth
to calculate; the calendar
Chinese oriole; Oriolus oriolus
a scallion, small onion
thunderclap, crashing thunder
a pear
obstinate; to draw the fingers across; to steer
gramme; syllable
scold, abuse verbally, curse
lùo walk, move
lúo grieved; distressed; ill with grief and exhausted
shiver; severe cold
(a variant of 黎) many; numerous, black; dark
lái (abbreviated form) to resent; to hate, to neglect; negligent, joy; delight; gratification
shiver, shudder, tremble; tremble
chí white jasmine
inside, interior, within
attend, be present; arrive at
river in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces
fēng abundant, lush, bountiful, plenty
river in Guangxi province; water dripping
name of a mountain
máo (same as 膧 犛) a black ox, a yak, name of a state in old times
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
(same as 搯 蒞) to arrive, from; by; through, to manage; to undertake, to follow, thin; few, distant, idle
(an ancient form of 栗) the chestnut tree, a kind of metalwork in ancient times
vexingly verbose or wordy; prosy; complicated; annoying
a bridal veil; to tie; to bind
lines; stripes; veins
inside, interior, within
take place, past, history
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
shāi shī strain
mái a fox-like animal
light; bright, clear, intelligent; clever
the sound of the wind; bleak; melancholy
thick congee or porridge; well-boiled congee or gruel, (same as 黎) many; numerous
calendar, era
chī to spread (name, news); to be known
a kind of plant, can be used as dyestuff, material for making paper and coir raincoat, edible, Chinese pennisetum)Pennisetum alopecuroides)
máo flowing hair of young child
a widow
li glass
saliva; spittle; flowing downstream
máo a black ox, a yak
shí lóng nibble away; erode; eclipse
(same as 蠡) wood-boring insect, (of insects) to bore or eat wood, a tribe of the huns
máo tail; hair; yak
(same as 麗) beautiful; elegant; fair; fine
(same as 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron
whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet
surname; numerous, many; black
xíe a gale; a gust of swift wind, timely wind
to deceived, loquacious
happiness and well-being; bliss; propitious; auspicious, evil spirit; a hobgoblin produced from the weird emanations of the trees and rocks on the hills, (interchangeable 魑) a mountain demon resembling a tiger
(sama as ) fire
the mole
(simplified form of ) turban used in ancient times
stem of feather; quill
sorrow, grief; incur, meet with
measurement; two bundle of grains (same as 離) bend of the ears of the variety of millet (because of the weight of the ears)
decigram; cg
lǔo (simplifed form) a second general name for perch, etc.
(ancient form of 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron
take place, past, history
(same as 棘) the jujube tree, thorny brambles, a kind of date (with a sour taste)
a blustering gale; violent storm
river in northern Hunan province
lìe name of a horse, horses in an ordered line; to travel quickly; to move fast; to hasten, tame, well-bred, to put under control
calendar, era
gracilaria verrucosa
reach, arrive; manage
scattered or dispersed of grass and trees, (non-classical form of 蒜) the garlic (belongs to meat and fish diet)
a kind of bean; edible
name of a variety of grass
be subservient to; servant
lìe a kind of jade
bamboo or wooden fence; hedge
strive; encourage
be subservient to; servant
(same as 剆) to cut open, to strike against; to clash together
(same as 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron used in old time
bridal veil
a bridal veil; to tie; to bind
(same as 蔾) a kind of plant; the caltrop; caltrap
a tribe in ancient times
kind of bramble
濿 cross on stepping-stones
lùo river in Shandong province
dregs of wine
lǜe lùo tickle; ticklish, funny
a mountain in ancient times; Lieshan in Guizhou province
manage, control; 1/1000 of a foot
a sore, ulcer; pestilence
social custom; manners; courtesy; rites
(Cant.) to come, arrive
(abbreviated form of 礫) small stones; pebble; gravel; shingle
(non-classical form of 蠟) wax
a kind of tree
láo yùe chestnut-leaved oak; oak
lài a mountain in Jiangxi Province; southeast of Jingde county
to walk slowly; to parade
chī leave, depart; go away; separate
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
dry food
(non-classical form of 黧) dark yellow, black mark, light yellow; sallow
to curse, to swear and oath, incantations
used in onomatopoetic expressions
trickle, drip; strain; dregs
coarse rice -- unhulled, (interchangeable 糲) coarse -- of grain
lèi class, group, kind, category
a kind of beast
lái a dark, sallow colour
color of the horse
lùo gravel, pebbles, potsherds
mái wēi to bury, to stop up; dirty, filthy
type of oak; stable
the sound of chewing something dry and hard, sound of gnaw or bite
sweet wine; sweet spring
shùo pretty eyes, to have a casual and short glance
sùan xìan to die from disease
(Cant.) to stare angrily
whetstone; sharpen
scrofulous lumps or swellings
lēi (Cant.) to come
spouse, couple, pair
(same as 皪) small stones, gravel, shingle
lèi smoky, covering; to spread, cloth for covering food
lúo lǔo wood-boring insect; bore into wood
unpolished rice; brown rice
(same as 儷)a pair; a couple, luxuriant; lush; exuberant
name of a variety of bamboo; used as a musical instrument
Chenopodium album, pigweed
chī to stick; sticky
a kind of plant
mái misty, foggy; dust storm
lùo yùe walk, move
run over something with vehicle
a fierce goat, a castrated ram
to jump; to leap; to bounce; to spring, to run over; to oppress
a kind of turban used in ancient time
short name for Guangxi province
(corrupted form of 蠣) oyster
zhí place in today's Henan province
xǐan shī sprinkle, splash; scatter, throw
shùn a kind of bird
(same as 籬) a bamboo fence; a hedge
shùo yùe melt, smelt; shine
meandering, winding
to walk, agile; adroit, a method of wielding the brush in writing Chinese characters
a divide, to partition
(same as 鬲) cooking utensil used in old times, sacrificial vessel; a heavy three-legged caldron; huge tripod of bronze with two ears
(traditional form of ) a kind of turban used in ancient times
thunderclap, crashing thunder
carbuncle, sallow and emaciated, scrofulous swellings
gracilaria verrucosa
to adhere to; to stick together
shǎi shī shǐ long; dangling; kerchief; rope
new feather; damp; moist and sticky, a thin-silk curtain
bamboo or wooden fence; hedge
lúan to search out; to examine into, (Cant.) to give an angry glances at somebody
gourd used as a ladle or dipper
shāi shī strain
chí a pure black horse; a pair of horses
Chinese oriole; Oriolus oriolus