Mandarin Search: liao

le liǎo to finish; particle of completed action
yùe yào lùo liáo happy, glad; enjoyable; music
liáo distant, far
liáo be healed, cured, recover
diǎo liǎo ruthenium
liǎo to put forth ears and to blossom of the grains (corns and cereals)
liào (non-classical form of 廖) name of a small ancient State, a Chinese family name
liǎo long and narrow boat, a small boat
liǎo liào (corrupted form of 燎) to burn, to illuminate; a signal light; brilliant
liào liáo consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
liào (non-classical form of 料) materials; ingredients
liǎo liào diǎo ruthenium
liào flying
liáo líu somewhat, slightly, at least
lìu liào líu the sound of the wind; to soar
láo liáo (non-classical form) to close; to shut, to block up, to pull or drag out of the water; to fish up; to salvage
lìan liáo máng from; by; whence, to undertake; to manage, to follow
liào liáo fuel used for sacrifices
liào surname; name of an ancient state
liáo to rely on
liáo companion, colleague; officials; bureaucracy; a pretty face
liáo few, scarce; empty, deserted
liào lǜe liāo liáo put down, put aside; drop
móu jīu liǎo miào mìu wind around, bind; prepare
hàng liáo xìang (ancient form of 巷) (interchangeable 衖) a lane; an alley
liáo jīu líu to strangle; to inquire into
liào yáo barking of a frightened dog, to confuse; disorder; disturbance, cunning; artful; crafty, to fail and be exposed
liáo fat
liáo deep valley
liáo to sew; keep tidy and repaired
yùe yào lùo liáo happy, glad; enjoyable; music
lǎo lào láo liáo liǎo to flood; a puddle; without care
liáo lǎo to hunt at night by torches
liáo wind round, rap around, bind
liāo liáo liào lift up, raise; leave, depart
liáo an enclosing wall
liào lǐn qùe to go forward; to depart
láo liáo male organ
liáo liào used describe clarity of voice; resonant
liáo play with; (Cant.) to provoke
liáo shanty, hut, shack
liǎo liáo clear; intelligible; severe; cold
liáo liǎo bright, clear
liào small fish net, to catch fish with small fish net
liáo the fat covering the intestines; the omentum
liáo distant, far
liǎo liáo liào to burn, set afire; to illuminate; a signal lamp
liáo Anthus species (various)
liáo líu garden peas (Pisum sativum), a second name for beans (around Shanxi area) in ancient times
liáo líu (same as non-classical form of 漻) crystal-clear (water), fluent, name of stream; in today's Hubei Province Xiaoganshi
liǎo lǎo lǐu smartweed, polygonum
liáo shùo be healed, cured, recover
liáo liào fetters
liáo wren
liǎo liào yǎo bright, clear; clear-sighted
móu jīu liǎo miào mìu wind around, bind; prepare
liáo (Cant.) to roost
liáo penis
liáo rǎo wind round, rap around, bind
lǎo láo liǎo rut
liáo sweet; artful words
liáo líu lìu wind in high places
liáo liào fetters
liáo (same as 鷯) small birds -- the wren, tit, etc.
liáo hip bone
liǎo to look pale or pallid
làng liáo Henbane, poisonous, seeds for medical use, a plant which produces a brown dye
liáo lìu Anthus species (various)
liáo wren