Mandarin Search: meng

máng méng páng shaggy haired dog; variegated
mèng first in series; great, eminent
máng méng people; subjects; vassals
méng farming population
mǎng méng (non-classical form of 虻) a gadfly
méng horsefly, gadfly
měng imperial degree; daoist magic
méng zhù china grass, ramie
méng (corrupted form of 氓) the people; the populace, rascal; vagabond
měng violent, savage, cruel; bold
mèng méng dream; visionary; wishful
máng mén mèng (same as non-classical form of 璊) a red colored jade
měng plump, rich and full, plentiful, swelling, a plumpy trunk (body)
méng (same as 饛) container full of food
mǐn méng měng mǐan to strive; to endeavor
měng manganese
bèi měng mèng rage; anger, to cast an angry look; to give the black looks
mǐn méng měng mǐan to strive; to endeavor
méng míng mèng swear; oath, covenant, alliance
méng bud, sprout
měng mèng grasshopper
mèng a dream; to dream visionary; stupid
mèng méng dream; visionary; wishful
měng small boat
méng míng bud, sprout
méng (non-classical form of 虻) a gadfly
méng mèng Chinese pennisetum) Pennisetum alopecuroides)
míng mǐng mían mìan méng close eyes
méng horsefly, gadfly
měng manganese
méng mèng máng eyesight obscured; to feel ashamed
méng rafters supporting roof tiles
méng mēng měng máng cover; ignorant; suffer; mongolia
méng name of a mountain
méng (J) equivalent to 果敢 , fleeting, momentary, ephemeral; vain, empty; fickle
méng to collect (tax, grains), to draw together; to contract, to become less flagrant in behavior
méng měng cover, shelter, screen; protect
méng drizzling, misty, raining
méng twilight just before sun rises
máo méng a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
mèng dull, stupid, doltish
méng a damp; a marsh, (interchangeable 夢)
méng (non-classical form) dizzy and sleepy; slumberous
méng dim moon, dark; obscure, stupid; ignorant, to cheat; to hide the truth, to cover up; to hide, plump; fleshy
méng name of a variety of bamboo, a bamboo shoot, a bamboo tube
guài húi méng unburnt tiles, earthenware
mǎng měng python, boa constrictor
màn méng (same as 獌) an animal in old times; like fox but much bigger, a second name for 貙
mèng the sharp edge of a shovel or a spade
mèng weary; tired; fatigued, lime; crippled, to stumble and fall
méng type of locust oracacia
méng condition or appearance of moon
mǎng měng python, boa constrictor
měng (Cant.) 泥鯭, a kind of fish that lives in turbid water
měng méng stupid, ignorant, dull
méng stupid, ignorant; blind
mèng (non-classical from of 瞢) dark and obscure, obscure; not bright, used in girl's name, good; fine
méng fog, mist, vapor, fine spray
měng midges; sandflies
méng clothes
méng long and narrow war-boat
䴿 méng grains from the distillery, crumbs of barley, crumbs of rice
mèng (standard form) a dream; todream, visionary, stupid
méng drizzling, fine rain; mist
méng disturbed in mind, not in good health, a fierce or ferocious appearance, a bad look
mèng to melt, to sell, to fling a lance or a spear; to brandish spears as if they were flying
méng vague; ambiguous; dim; hazy, mane
méng a kind of water bird; a big gray-white colored body with hairy tail
méng (same as 䴿) grains from the distillery, crumbs of barley, crumbs of rice
méng an ancient name for tuna, a kind of sturgeon