Mandarin Search: mi

cover; KangXi radical 14
sun; day; daytime
silk; KangXi radical 120
hulled or husked uncooked rice
Mi(luo) river in Hunan province where Qu Yuan drowned himself; to sink; used (erroneously) for
deep; (Cant.) to dive
mīe bleat of sheep; surname
to have disappeared, avoid, not at all, not supporting by
to seep out, excrete
to close; to stop up; to obstruct
extensive, full; fill; complete
quiet, silent; in good health
měi to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish
èr nài a second, an assistant
xǐan hunt; autumn hunting; to capture with a fine net
seek; search
mǐan disappeared, not supported by, to avoid, unable to see
a kind of wine
sound of cat, cat's meow; meter; (Cant.) don't!
shēn deep
stop, desist, end, quell
mīe bleat of sheep; surname
mèi bewitch, charm, infatuate
mysterious, secret, abstruse
open; throw away
dense, thick, close; intimate
one's deceased father
to look steadily at, ashamed, to look at ferocious
pacify, soothe, stabilize
bíe secret, mysterious, abstruse
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
seek; search
to search for; to look after
dense, thick, close; intimate
be blinded
macacus monkey
(non-classical and abbreviated form) shape of the mountain
mud; quagmire
bad; poor quality of rice
a general term for nets
(non-classical abbreviated form of 瀰) a watery expanse, to be cover with, to disseminate every where, currents of the water
mǐan to arouse to action; to encourage, to temper and grind; to train or discipline oneself (toward a goal); to sharpen (a knife); to forge to harden, (same as 弭) to stop; to end; to eliminate
calm, quiet, still; cautious
(same as 謐) silent; quiet; serene; still, cautious; careful
the clustered embroidery patterns (as tiny and fine rice)
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
water current; water flow
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
míng mǐng drizzling rain; dark, obscure
yàn to exert oneself to yell; to yell loudly; to shout, overbearing; arrogant, vigorous
to look for a short time, attentive vision
(same as 塓) to smear; to daub; to spread, to paint
commonly known as mother in Wu
law, rule; open up, develop
have a nighmare, sound sleep
(corrupted form of 謎) riddle; pubble; conundrum
mén mǐan to ornament; to polish; to decorate, (same as 捫) to feel; to touch with hands; to hold, to search (in one's pocket, etc.)
zhěn to deal with affairs cautiously, head with less hair, ashamed; humiliated
honey; sweet; nectar
(variant of 汨) name of a river in Hunan Province
a tree whose branches are placed on Buddhist graves
hard to say or predict, difficult to speak out (for fear of embarrassing or paining others, etc.) not easy to express with words
cover of tripod caldron
bèi (same as 褙) cloth or paper pasted together; pasteboard; to mount (paintings or calligraphics works), short clothes
(same as 麋) a kind of deer; Alces machlis
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
(a variant) water currents; flow water
calm, quiet, still; cautious
ropes; cords; cables
extensive, full; fill; complete
halter for ox; tie up, harness
(same as 縻) to tie; to fasten; to connect
méi rice gruel, congee; mashed
roe or spawn, a fish
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
xǐan hunt; autumn hunting; to capture with a fine net
mài belt of the canvas top on vehicles
míng emptied the drink completely, bean sauce; salted preparations
elk; surname
rotten paste or soybean sauce; to grow mildewed
to knit; to twist ropes, a belt to hang sword, poor qualitied silk wadding
to touch, feel with the hand
mìe to beat; to strike; to attack, to cut, to diminish, to decide; to udge, to weight; to measure, to wipe; to rub, to dust; to clean
méi divide, disperse, scatter
fawn, young deer
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
cǔi coarse rice, red rice
xǐan one's deceased father
nǎi xǐan milk, the breasts of a woman, to suckle, word of respect for women, (for Qi's people) mother, used in girl's name
macacus monkey
to look at in surprise, to gnaw; to bite (said of a horse)
pèi to loose the bow-string, a kind of jade, (same as 彌) full, great, boundless, to complete
mìe fine, thin stockings or socks
a little slanted; smooth, name of a mountain
a kind of plant; putchuck, the root of a species of thistle found in Cashmere; roseleaf raspberry (Rubus rosaefolius var. Coronarius)
name of a variety of grass
bìe thin and flat slips of bamboo used for weaving purpose
(same as 爢) cooked or well-done; cooked soft, (interchangeable 糜) mashed
a sickle
to break into pieces; to smash; completely smashed, chips; crumbs, refined; polished (rice); unmixed
to feed a baby, (non-classical form of 糜) congee; porridge; rice gruel
wine brew for the second time
to feed a baby, to eat, food