Mandarin Search: mian

mían roof; KangXi radical 40
mǐan parapet; invisible
mían a kind of punishment in Han Dynasty, name of chessmen in Chinese chess game(simplified form, a variant 罵) to curse; to revile; to abuse, to scold
mǐan flood; overflowing
mǐan (same as non-classical form of 眄) to look askance; to ogle
mǐn mìan destroy, eliminate; perish
mǐan spare; excuse from; evade
mǐan disappeared, not supported by, to avoid, unable to see
mǐan tǐan (standard form of 忝) to disgrace; to insult, to condescend
mǐan to look askance; looking dull
mǐan endeavor, make effort; urge
mìan face; surface; plane; side, dimension
mǐan make effort, endeavor; to lower the head
fàn mǐan wǎn (same as 娩) to bear a son; to give birth
mían mǐan mǐn close eyes, sleep; hibernate
mǐan wǎn give birth child; complaisant
mǐan crown; ceremonial cap
mǐan transgress
mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
mǐan endeavor, make effort; urge
mǐn mǐan shéng name of a river in Shandong
mǐan to arouse to action; to encourage, to temper and grind; to train or discipline oneself (toward a goal); to sharpen (a knife); to forge to harden, (same as 弭) to stop; to end; to eliminate
mían cotton; cotton padded
mǐan bashful; to consider
mǐan (same as 嬔) to soar; to fly; to roam (same as 娩) complaisant; agreeable, a pair; a couple; persons or things that come in pairs
mìan great current, flood, flowing water
mǐan distant, remote; think of
mǐan flushed with drink, drunk
mían mìan mǐn (same as 湣) posthumous title conferred upon emperors and eminent officials
mǐn méng měng mǐan to strive; to endeavor
mían ink (usually red) for imprinting of seals
mǐn méng měng mǐan to strive; to endeavor
mǐan modest
mǐan wèn mourning
mían mǐn (same as 棉) cotton; (Cant.) a kind of fruit
綿 mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
mén mǐan to ornament; to polish; to decorate, (same as 捫) to feel; to touch with hands; to hold, to search (in one's pocket, etc.)
mǐan mìan flour, noodles, dough
mǐan distant, remote; think of
mín mǐn mían hún a fishing-line; cord; string of coins; a paper or straw string
mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
mǐan wèi decorated jade or ornament on a scabbard
mǐan mìan flour; vermicelli; dough
míng mǐng mían mìan méng close eyes
mìan flour, dough, noodles
tǐan mǐan timid, shy, bashful
mían to hear, to listen carefully
mǐan zhùan flushed with drink; addicted to intoxicants
mǐan shéng mǐn name of a river in Shandong
mían to hand or bow the head; to droop; to lower, low; beneath
mían unable to meet, empty room
mían dense, detailed, fine
mían (same as ) a tree, the bark of which is used in medicine-- Eucommia ulmoides, an awning of the house
mìan flour, dough, noodles
mían twins
mían hair, (in old times) to burn a certain stick and then to blacken the eyebrows