Mandarin Search: ming

mǐn mǐng shallow container; rad. no. 108
míng name, rank, title, position
míng cry of bird or animal; make sound
mìng life; destiny, fate, luck; an order, instruction
míng bright, light, brilliant; clear
míng river in Hebei province
míng dark, gloomy, night; deep
mǐng (non-classical form of 冥) dark; obscure; dim
míng inscribe, engrave
míng bright, clear, intelligent; light, brilliant; to understand; to illustrate
míng (same as 冥) dark; obscure; dim, stupidity, far and high, deep; profound, night
míng mǐng tea; tea plant
míng to soak rice
míng a town in Shandong province
méng míng mèng swear; oath, covenant, alliance
míng mǐng drunk; intoxicated; tipsy
míng mǐng drizzling rain; dark, obscure
míng (same as 冥) the sky; the heaven; the void, Nature; God, big; large; great, light; bright
míng (same as 冥) dark; obscure; dim, far and high, deep; profound, the unseen world
mǐng name of a mountain; lofty, steep
míng mǐng dark, obscure
míng inscribe, engrave; unforgettably
míng cry of bird or animal; make sound
méng míng bud, sprout
míng mǐng mían mìan méng close eyes
míng happiness; good luck; good fortune; blessing; bliss
míng lucky place
míng kind of caterpillar, larva
mìng dark blue color, without color, to close the eyes
míng emptied the drink completely, bean sauce; salted preparations
míng between the eyebrows and eyes; general facial appearance
kòu míng a legendary bird, divine birds; the phenix