Mandarin Search: na

nèi inside, interior; domestic
slow of speech; mumble; stammer
(Cant.) to collect, seize, grab
admit, take, receive, accept
ne raise voice, yell out loud, shout; stammer
raise voice, yell out loud, shout; stammer
nèi něi núo that, that one, those
to gouge out an eye or eyes (a corrupted form)
(Cant.) feminine suffix
fat; seal (moon radical DKW: 14342 is different)
take; bring; grasp, hold; arrest
nán south; southern part; southward
sodium, natrium; sharpen wood
núo elegant, graceful, delicate
take, hold, grasp; bring; with
ráo drag
mǎng méi mèi dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 牧) name of a place in old times
admit, take, receive, accept
fatty; greasy, not thick; not tight, plump and pretty of the flesh
mend, sew, patch; line; quilt
chèn tìan (same as 拿) to bring, to take, to apprehend, to grasp
něi na which? where? how?
to press down heavily with the fingers
slow of speech; mumble; stammer
nǐan shěn nìan lǐan fish; still; (Cant.) thoroughly soaked; a deep sleep
a drop, trickle, dripping
díe zhé tree with small leaves, mushroom; fungus, mould, ror mildew
nèi bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
break; damage, wound of the foot, to walk
chù waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
(same as 笝) a hawser; a cable; a bamboo rope used to tie on a boat, to mend a bamboo fence
rùi sodium, natrium; sharpen wood
shǎn swift currents; swift flow of water
nài stalks of grain (rice plant)
to hit; to strike
(Cant.) exclamation, there! now!
to shout or bawl, talking manner of a mean person, (same as 謅) to jest; to joke; to quip
to glide or to hover up in the air, to soaring
to hold in hand; to grasp; to take, to arrest; to use, ( non-classical form of 誽) to spy; to find out secretly
rùo the cuticle of the bamboo a broad-leaved bamboo
(same as 笝) a hawser; a cable; a bamboo rope used to tie on a boat
díe nìe xìe color of the fire, color fading, (interchangeable 渝) to change mind, another name of Chongqing
(same as ) a part of the skull
zhǎ (standard form) (same as 鮓) a condiment made from minced fish salted, preserved fish