Mandarin Search: nan

jǐan nān baby, infant
nān one's daughter; to filch; to secrete
nán (same as 男) a human; a man; a boy ( non-classical form of 留) to remain; to stay, to keep, to preserve
nán male, man; son; baron; surname
nán a variety of evergreen tree
nán an even-grained, yellow- ish, fine wood used for furniture; cedar
nán Machilus nanmu, variety of evergreen
nán south; southern part; southward
nán nàn núo difficult, arduous, hard; unable
nán (interchangeable 喃 諵) to murmur; in a low voice, to chatter; to gabble
nǎn mild, damp and moist, red color
nán thin ice
nǎn (Cant.) to measure a distance with the extended thumb and forefinger or middle finger
nán keep talking, chattering; mumble
nǎn blush, turn red
nǎn (Cant.) fatty meat on a cow's belly; abdomen; to boil meat
nán name of tree, machilus nanmu
nǎn lǎn fishing net
nǎn fragile; tender bamboo, (interchangeable 蹐) a kind of spring fishing-net, an equipment used to pull or drag (water plant, mud, etc.) out of the water
nǎn án immature locusts
lǎn nǎn to eat rice-gruel mixed with meat
nán mutter
nǎn zhǎn to wink
nǎn rán chickling
nán nàn núo difficult, arduous, hard; unable
nán nàn rán the edge; the hem or the margin of the tortoise shell
tān hàn nàn bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
kuài nàn gentle; mild; temperate, tender; loving; caressing
nǎn fear
nán nàn name of a variety of grass