Mandarin Search: nang

náng (Cant.) a bend in a river
náng nǐu nǒng páng to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn
nàng nèn rǎn brittle and friable, fear; dread; fright; scare
náng bag, purse, sack; put in bag
níang náng ráng rǎng troubled, oppressed; fat; mother
nǎng in ancient times, of old, former
náng bag, purse, sack; put in bag
nàng slow, dull; irresolute
nǎng (same as 瀼) water currents; flowing of water, name of a river in Sichuan Province, heavily bedewed
nǎng muddy; thick, muddy water
nǎng to fend off; to stab
nāng muttering, indistinct speech
nǎng náng bread (Persian 'naan')
nàng stoppage of the nose to speak with a nasal twang