Mandarin Search: nei

nèi inside
nèi inside, interior; domestic
nèi name of a person
nèi slow-tongued; to stammer, to shout in triumph; the noise of shoting in battle
nèi něi núo that, that one, those
nèi deep; profound, empty; hollow, quite; peaceful
nèi neon
něi na which? where? how?
něi hungry, starving, famished
nèi angry, to scold with loud voice, to slander; to defame
nèi bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
nèi rùi inside; within; inner, a family name, (corrupted form of ) to take from the top, to strip; to peel
něi a bad; a wounded; an injured melon
něi hungry, starving, famished
wèi něi steamed bread; to feed
nèi shé sùi zhé (same as 讘)hasty words, loquacity, for the sake of comparison (large to small; big to little, etc.)
nèi flying birds, a kind of bird
nèi high cartloads, (same as 轙) rings on the yokes