Mandarin Search: nian

nìan twenty, twentieth
gǒng gòng nìan two hands; KangXi radical 55
廿 nìan twenty, twentieth
nǐan soft and meek, weak, to arrange, to regulate
nǐan nìe to take in; to absorb, (non-classical form of 罱) a kind of spring fishing net; a kind of small net with a handle used to catch fishes or birds
nían year; new-years; person's age
nìan rěn xìan name of a river in today's southwest of Shanxi Province, the wet things attach or stick up to each other, dirty and muddy
nían (same as 年) a year, one's age
nìan think of, recall, study
nían year; new-years; person's age
nían nīan nǐan dīan pick up with fingers; draw lots
nìan (Cant.) breast
nǐan rěn nìan lǐan dirt
nían tǐan (same as 年) a year, age, harvest
nǐan nīe to twist or nip with the fingers
nǐan shěn nìan lǐan fish; still; (Cant.) thoroughly soaked; a deep sleep
nìan bank, dike; purtuberance from
nìan recite, read, chant
nían līan zhān viscous, mucous; glutinous
nìan to meet at the bank; shore; beach; coast
chén jìan nǐan (non-classical form of 跈), (same as 踐) to step upon; to tread upon; to trample, (same as 趁) to take advantage, hard to proceeding
rěn nìan jujube tree
nǐan hand-cart; transport by carriage
nían sheatfish, parasilurus asotus
nǐan pèng ròu a whetstone, (a dialect) a corner; a nook; a crack; an opening; a cleft
zhǎn nǐan turn over, roll
nían to have congee (wheat gruel) with friends in old times, (interchageable 餂) to obtain by hook
nían tǐan tíe wěi a saddle-flap, trappings
nìan to caulk
nǐan a hand-cart; to transport by carriage
nǐan nìan lǐan roller, crush; roll
nǐan drive away, expel, oust
nǐan twirl in fingers, tease, toy with
nían sheatfish, parasilurus asotus
nían sheat
yān nīan yàn withered, faded, decayed; calm
zhǎn nǐan turn over, roll
nían nīan zhān stick to; glutinous, sticky; glue
nǐan drive away, expel, oust
nían sheat
nǐan (Cant.) to stand on tiptoe
nìan yàn to display the teeth