Mandarin Search: nuo

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nèi něi núo
that, that one, those
núo (non-classical form of 那) that, there
nǔo weak and small
nǔo storage room
ér nùo to fawn on; to flatter; to please, to love, attractive
nùo núo rúo rub, stroke with hands; crumple
núo rúo move, shift on one side
nǔo ài astatine
nùo promise; assent, approve
nán nàn núo difficult, arduous, hard; unable
núo elegant, graceful, delicate
núo rúo to rub; to crumple
nùo (same as 懦)weak; timid; imbecile
nùo (same as 那 哪) an auxiliary (in grammar), that, there, a final particle.
nùo timid, apprehensive
nùo respectful reply of assent to superiors
núo rich
chǐ dǔo nǔo spread one's clothes
tǐan nùo no
nùo grasp, seize, take in hand
nùo rǔan need, require, must
nùo glutinous, sticky
rúan núo to rub between the hands
nùo promise; assent, approve
nùo to adjust a bow
núan rǔan ér nùo immerse, moisten; wet, damp
tǐan nùo nobelium
nùo weak, timid, cowardly
lùo nùo atrophy, paralysis; impotent, stand
nán nàn núo difficult, arduous, hard; unable
nùo glutinous rice; glutinous, sticky
núo rich
núo weak, feeble and tender branches