Mandarin Search: pai

𠂢 pài to branch
pāi clap, tap, beat; beat or rhythm
pǎi to persecute; to oppress in difficulties; embarrassed
pǎi coerce, force, compel; urgent
pài mài bài school of thought, sect, branch
pài used in translation
pài a kind of climbing plants; rattan; bark can be used to weave cloth, a component parts of a loom
pái actor; vaudeville show; insincere
pái pǎi bèi row, rank, line
pái péi walk back and forth, hesitate
pài a kind of gnat; a small flying insect
pái spleen, pancreas; disposition
pái signboard, placard
pài sound of waves; turbulent
pái bài raft
pái pài name of a stream in ancient times; in Danyang, to plant; to sow
pái bēi bamboo raft
ér pài young horse, stallion; male horse
pái black carp
pái (same as 壩) an embankment; a dike; a levee; a dam; a bank of earth