Mandarin Search: pang

fāng fēng páng wǎng a square, rectangle; a region; local
仿 fǎng páng imitate, copy; as if
pāng pang used with ping for ping pong
páng fǎng like, resembling; resemble
máng méng páng shaggy haired dog; variegated
féng páng resist
páng disorderly, messy; huge, big
fǎng páng (same as 仿) to imitate, like; resembling, according to
máng páng (ancient form of 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
páng disorderly, messy; huge, big
páng (same as 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
fáng páng house, building; room
pàng to swell; fat, swollen
náng nǐu nǒng páng to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn
páng máng bulky; thick and large; confused
pàng pán pàn fat, obese; fatty
páng bàng side; by side, close by, near
páng máng abundant; mixed
páng to swell
páng confuse, senile, stupid
fǎng páng imitate
páng féng a surname
féng páng péng come upon, happen meet; flatter
bàng páng by side of, beside, near, close
páng snowing heavily
pāng torrential; voluminous
páng to wander about, walk along side of; to be next to
páng fear; dread; fright; scare
pàng zhǎn exquisite; fine
pǎng boast
bǎng bàng bēng páng placard; list of successful exam candidates
bǎng bàng pāng páng pǎng upper arm; shoulder; wing
bàng pàng páng pāng pound; weigh
páng a variety of panicled millet, a small coarse grain resembling sorghum
bàng páng burdock, herb
páng bǎng crab
pǎng plow, cultivate
bèi páng páo urgent; hurriedly
páng (same as 雱) snowing heavily
páng disorderly, messy; huge, big
bàng pāng pound sterling; to scrape
páng disorderly, messy; huge, big
páng loud, noisy, boisterous; fight
páng bǎng the pelvis, the hip-bone; the humerus; a wing
páng pāng downpouring of rain
páng (same as 龐) huge, rich; abundance, to fill up; full of (same as 龍) a legendary; miraculous; marvelous animal; the dragon, associated with rain, floods, and geomancy, an emblem of imperialism