Mandarin Search: pao

pāo throw (away)
bào páo carpenter's plane; plane, level
páo roar
pāo throw (away), abandon, reject
pào páo pāo bubbles, suds; blister; soak
páo species of deer found in north China
páo a goddess's name in legend; the sister and successor of Fu Xi 伏羲, (interchangeable 庖), last name
páo kitchen; cooking, cuisine
pào bāo páo large gun, cannon; artillery
páo pào roast, broil; bake
bāo páo pào womb, placenta, fetal membrane
pào gun, cannon
pào pimples
bào zhī zhúo páo noise of tramping feet
pào acne
pāo bāo a bladder
páo gourd; musical instrument
bāo páo biāo a variety of rush; firm, enduring; to burst forth
páo bào long gown, robe, cloak
pǎo páo run, flee, leave in hurry
páo táo to provoke or arouse (ill-will, etc.) to cause disputes; to sow discord between two parties, to talk nonsense; to talk inconherently or unintelligibly; lies or wild talks
bào páo carpenter's plane
páo teeth protrude
páo bào to work hides; leather bag
biāo páo storm whirlwind
piāo biào biāo pāo piǎo throw out; push out; strike
páo (non-classical form of 鞄) to tan and soften leather, (same as 匏) a bottle-gourd, one of the eight kinds of musical sounds, a kind of musical instrument, (interchangeable 枹) a drum-stick (interchangeable 包) handbag or purse (expecially one made of
biāo páo piǎo till, plow
pào a topknot, bun, coiled hair-knot
pào to lacquer some kind of ashes on wooden articals or furniture, after drying out, smooth them and then paint, black lacquer
biāo páo a small spotted deer found in north China
bào bāo pāo abalone; dried fish; surname
pào a sticky rice ball
bèi páng páo urgent; hurriedly
pào pěng loud; to roar
pào (same as 皰) a pustule or pimple
pào ancient ballista for throwing heavy stones; a cannon, a gun
páo projecting teeth
pào ancient ballista for throwing heavy stones a cannon, a gun
bào páo carpenter's plane