Mandarin Search: pei

fēi pèi wife, spouse; imperial concubine
pèi (standard form of 沛) a great flow of water; flowing copiously, quickly; rapidly; sudden, flourishing; luxuriant; prosperous or abundant, marsh; swamp
pèi raging animosity or hatred; full of anger and spite, unhappy; displeased
huài péi rotten, spoilt, bad, broken down
pèi abundant, full, copious; sudden
pēi embryo; unfinished things
pèi belt ornament, pendant; wear at waist, tie to the belt; respect
pēi expression of reprimand
pèi a skirt; long robe for women, having no sleeves and fasten down the front
fèi pèi lungs
péi a department in the State of Lu; in what is now Shantung or N. China
bèi fèi pèi a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
pēi embryo; unfinished things
pèi a pennon; a streamer
pèi to dispel, to move; to transfer, to issue; to set aside, to stir up, turning
fěi pèi light of crescent moon
pēi cup (same as 杯 [] and 桮 []); unhappy, displeased, anxious, unsettled
bàng péi rocky (same as 玤) fine stone which is little less valuable than jade (interchangeable 崩) to collapse; to fall
pèi jade ornament
pèi match, pair; equal; blend
pèi flag ornament; flags, banners
péi accompany, be with, keep company
pèi grass, thatch
pèi the countenance changing
fēi pēi morphine; coffee
pái péi walk back and forth, hesitate
pèi dark; dull
péi pǒu (same as 培) to bank up with earth, to nourish; to strengthen; to cultivate
fán fǎn pèi the protruded sides of a carriage (used in ancient times to screen off muddy dust)
péi pǒu bank up with dirt; cultivate
péi indemnify, suffer loss
péi to slap lightly on the clothes or coverlet, to beat; to strike; to attack
pèi mixing rice with broth, a grain of rice
bàng pèi pén scab over a sore, scar of an ulcer, weak; feeble
póu péi berkelium
bèi péi suburb
pèi bridle of horse, reins
bǎng bèi pèi walk slowly because of the wrong position of the feet, (same as 狽) a kind of wolf with shorter forelegs, lame; crippled
péi féi surname; look of a flowing gown
fēi fěi pèi bèi cockroach
péi surname; look of a flowing gown
péi a large face
pēi unstrained spirits
pèi torrential rains, flow of water
péi indemnify, suffer loss
péi ospery; water hawk
póu péi berkelium
péi (same as 䪹) chin; the jaws; the cheeks
péi short hair and beard
pèi to loose the bow-string, a kind of jade, (same as 彌) full, great, boundless, to complete
pèi bridle of horse, reins