Mandarin Search: peng

hēng xǐang pēng smoothly, progressing, no trouble
pēng noise of waters
pēng eager, ardent, impulsive; anxious
pēng bēng impeach, censure; attack
píng pēng roar
péng friend, pal, acquaintance
bǎng péng great strength; great power
péng bamboo cover for boat
péng luxuriant growth
běng pěng insincere and cunning person; a pretentious person
pēng pīng pèng sound of crashing stones, bang!
pèng jar with a small mouth, an earthen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
péng whirling of dust in the wind
péng bēng bàng bǎng to propel a boat; to beat
péng (same as 妦) exquisite; fine; (said of a woman's figure) very full and voluptuous; buxom, used in girl's name
féng páng péng come upon, happen meet; flatter
pěng hold up in two hands
pèng collide; meet unexpectedly
pēng boil, cook; quick fry, stir fry
píng pín pēng artemisia; duckweed; apple
péng píng roar of dashing waves
péng a bow stretched to the full; tensely drawn
péng bèng bury
péng angry, (same as 恲) generous; unselfish; liberal
péng tent, awning; booth; shed
péng name of ancient country; surname
bèng bǐng pēng gush out; burst forth; split
bǎng péng (non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
pèng Machilus nanmu, variety of evergreen
nǐan pèng ròu a whetstone, (a dialect) a corner; a nook; a crack; an opening; a cleft
péng fabulous bird of enormous size
péng pēng borax, boron
bèng bàng péng pole; beat
軿 píng pēng curtained carriage used by women
péng dusty, dirt
péng menorrhagia
běng péng species of water plant; flower
pèng collide, bump into
péng (Cant.) classifier for walls; covered (with dust); to scatter (like dust)
pēng roar
péng a rite; a service; to worship
pēng syllable; (Cant.) to chase, drive away
péng pēng splatter
běng pěng hempen sandals, leather shoes (for children)
péng pèng to swell; swollen, bloated, inflated
bèng jiào péng qiǎo a swellen corpse, swell
pèng collide, bump into
péng awning, covering; sail; boat
péng pèng type of raspberry; fairyland
pèng bèng a squat jar for holding wine, sauces etc.
péng a small land crab
péng (same as 麷) to boil or stew wheat, to simmer ferment for brewing
péng dishevelled hair, (same as 碰) to meet unexpectedly, to collide; to hit; to touch
péng unkempt hair; loose; flowing hair; (Cant.) 鬅鬠, to be slovenly dressed
péng a land-crab
pào pěng loud; to roar
péng fèng fabulous bird of enormous size
fèng pěng (same as 麷) to boil or stew wheat, to simmer ferment for brewing, (interchangeable 豐) various kinds of rush from which mats, bags, etc. are made; vines of the rushes