Mandarin Search: pou

póu bào take or hold up in both hands
pǒu tòu to refuse, to repel
pǒu adhere to, append; rely on near to
pòu to spit out
àng póu (same as 盎) a basin; pot; bowl or dish, sleek; well-favoured, abundant, a musical instrument
pōu split in two, slice; dissect
pǒu (Cant.) sick, unwell
póu pǒu (corrupted form of 掊) to exact, to get salt from sea-water, to break up; to injure, to hold something in both hands; to scoop up mud; (Cant.) to hit, strike, knock
pǒu part, division, section
póu river in Sichuan province
póu bào pǒu to extract; injure
péi pǒu (same as 培) to bank up with earth, to nourish; to strengthen; to cultivate
péi pǒu bank up with dirt; cultivate
pǒu (Cant.) soft, weak; to soak; unreliable
pǒu bàng bèi hit, strike
pǒu (of statement) to grate on the ear; earnest and faithful remonstrance
póu bāo collect, gather, assemble; praise
póu péi berkelium
pǒu jar, pot
bàng póu agricultural implements; farm tools ( a plough; a ploughshare), to till; to plough
pòu to stumble and fall prone stiff in death
póu péi berkelium
pǒu screen
póu fine hair; beautiful hair, short hair, a coiffure with a topknot
diào pǒu a kind of small birds, a kind of bird