Mandarin Search: qi

𠀁 the original form for 七
𣪠 to attack
beg; request
steam, vapor; KangXi radical 84
(archaic form) his, her, its, their; that
qīe qìe cut, mince, slice, carve
shì zhì shí show, manifest; demonstrate
finish; conclude, stop; exhaust
talent, skill, ability
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
plan a project; stand on tiptoe
a hill with trees or grass-- some give the opposite meaning
kǎi how? what?
jíe resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
qìa yáo to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
(ancient form of 氣) air; vapor, breath, spirit; character, bearing; manner
yín border, boundary
willow; medlar tree; a small feudal state (Qi)
extend, reach; until; till
gāi steam, vapor, gas
qīe qìe infuse
reject, abandon, discard
high; majestic; fork in road
open; begin, commence; explain
court-dress jewels
(same as 芑) a kind of sorghum with white sprouts, a kind of wild vegetable; bitter herbs
zhǐ pray; numerous, ample, abundant
louse eggs, nits
strange, unusual, uncanny, occult
even, uniform, of equal length
stab; prick, irritate; prod
chì (same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
zhī branches, limbs; branch off
stab; prick, irritate; prod
to give to; to confer on
to sit; (Cant.) only, merely; a final particle of intimacy
cry, sob, weep
his, her, its, their; that
jìn table
urgently, immediately, extremely
fork of road; branching off
zhāi even, regular, uniform all alike; to arrange
breath, air, steam, gas. weather. used in Taoist charms
to whisper. to blame to slander
wait for, wait until, as soon as
qìe xìe deed, contract, bond; engrave
strange, unusual, uncanny, occult
gǔi pray; entreat, beseech
(same as 芞) fragrant herb, vanilla
number seven
to look at, to examine; to observe; to survey
(ancient form of 汁) meat soup, mixed meat
to measure (esp. for grains) by pints and pecks
white millet
chí zhī zhǐ the spirit of the earth; (used for 只) only, merely, but
qìe stone steps, brick walk
the buttocks; the rump; the sacrum, to set sideways, the male organ; (Cant.) vulgar term for the female sex organ
béng there is no need
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
perch; roost; stay
shì zhǐ man of sixty; aged, old
carve, engrave
chá shí (same as 旗) a flag; a pennant; a banner; a streamer, a sign
lofty and dangerous, rocks on the mountain side
kěn tall and slim
bitter cold, miserable, dreary
abdominal area of crab; navel
red rice, coarse rice
ant eggs
zhǐ only, merely, but
(simpliied form)
finish; conclude, stop; exhaust
kǎi how? what?
chí celery
rise, stand up; go up; begin
qìe assist, help, lead by hand
relative; be related to; sad
sorrowful, grieved, melancholy
to cross over
river in Henan province
rough, uneven, jagged, rugged
open; begin
open; begin, commence; explain
sections in vegetable farm
branches to be a parasite (on) a tree, branches growing horizontally, (variant ) imperial orders
the varnish tree; lacquer, varnish, paint
bitter cold, miserable, dreary
(same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi Province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
to hang on a big tree, to walk ( the way of Alces machlis, a kind of deer)
趿 to tread on; slipshod
creeping, crawling
chén a Chinese family name to arrange; to display wheel
the rocks on the hills are of different shapes; rugged and weird, character different from others
dòu zhù tóu tempt, allure, arouse, stir
qìe earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock with a narrow opening)
name of a stream in Sichuan province
happy; contented; pleased, fragal, nearly; almost, cunning; crafty
(same as 飺) to reject food
to set with the legs clossed (standard form of 踞), (ancient form of 箕) a winnowing basket, a dust basket, (same as 杞)a state in ancient times
piebald horse; excellent horse
ride horseback; mount; cavalry
(same as 踑) to sit with the legs spread out; to squat with the legs crossed, traces; footsteps, to follow up; to search out
(same as 軝) decoration on the nave or hub of a wheel
fine thin silk; elegant, beautifu
jíe brave; martial; hasty; scudding
fierce dog; interjection of pleas; (Cant.) strange
perch; roost; stay
chess; any game similar to chess
chess; any game similar to chess
reject, abandon, discard
to mash rice
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
cheat, double-cross, deceive
to sew in close stitches
湿 shī wet, moist, humid, damp; illness
tally or wooden pass
(Cant.) sticky, not smooth, slow
zhǎ to pile up layer by layer, wedge, gatepost
chún rùn (ancient form of 純) pure, sincere; honest; faithoful
gem, precious stone, jade
type of jade
to walk
period of time; date; time limit
zhùan a low wall on the road side, a wall, the space enclosed by a constellation
shěn zhèn (non-classical form of 鴆) a bird like the secretary falcon
kài rest, stop
maggots, grubs
up; uneven
chǐ dǔo nǔo spread one's clothes
the calf of the legs
jīe to set (a table); to install, equip; to lay (a foundation)
to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.
full year, anniversary
(same as 餼) a sacrificial victim, explained as used of the living beast, to bite; to gnaw, to eat to the full; surfeited, a wart; a pimple; a pustule
good luck, good fortune
weak; feeble, to mourn, ulcer; cancer; carbuncle, short
(ancient form of 騏) dark-blue horse; a piebald horse; fine horse, dark blue, spotted
mountain stream, creek
shī damp, moist; dampness, moisture
chess; any game similar to chess
to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
odd, fractional, remainder, odds
(a non-classical form) boots, the leather belts that connect a cart with the horse, etc., the leather decorations on the ends of the hub (of a wheel)
slave girls, lacking in courage; nervous, a jealous woman
a valley with a stream in it; a gorge
(same as 芹) celery; a kind of watr plant
a cape, spit, promontory
(same as 婍) pretty; beautiful (of a woman)
sand and gravel
(same as ) to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
sound of broken sticks; crack of a wooden stick, a forest; wooded land
kěn tall and slim
kind of grasses
a flood-gate, a water-gate
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
qìe to join, to splice, to braid
water-chestnuts; caltrop
dark grey. variegated. superlative
qìng embroidered banner
fine thin silk; elegant, beautifu
luxuriant foliage; crowded
榿 alder
the steps of a stairway
(Cant.) halfway
qìng (same as 綮) crucial points; critical points, an embroidered banner, sheath for a lancehead
sorrowful, mournful; sorrow
to be grieved; ashamed; used to imitate sounds
chí cúo zhàn dried and seasoned meat, sound of the abdomen
banner, flag, streamer
to plant; to sow; to cultivate
a boat; a ship; vessel
jíe (non-classical of 潔) clean; pure; clear
name of a mountain, in Taiwan Province
soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
varnish, lacquer, paint
a kind of cattle; a cattle of short statured
zhì a wafting fish, a fish, to cut a fish
to unbind the collar
(ancient form of 騏) dark-blue horse; a piebald horse; fine horse, dark blue, spotted
the shin; to pierce; to touch
to plant; to sow wheat
(same as ) (interchangeable 稽) to kowtow; to bow to the ground
(interchangeable 稽) to kowtow; to bow to the ground
to cheat
one turning up and one turning down
chicken, a second name for a pheasant, the wild goose
thatch; fix, repair; pile up
jíe lofty; majestic, name of a mountain
rest, take rest
examine, investigate; delay
sorrowful, mournful; sorrow
(same as 㠍) a lofty mountain
receptacle, vessel; instrument
to sew in close stitches
mountain stream, creek
jade ornament
(same as 畿)the royal domains set apart in ancient times for the emperor
coryphaena hippurus
to open to begin to explain to inform a letter
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
(same as 臍) the navel; the umbilicus, the underside of a crab
a kind of plant, the root is used for food
slight, passing
(same as 棋) the game of chess, draughts and oter similar games
a vessel; a container, a kind of animal with red hair looks like hedgehog
rest, take rest
(ancient form of 鮨) fish pulp; mashed fish, fine-cut meat, something like the large amphibious creature; newt but very much larger, small fish, (same as 鰭) fins
receptacle, vessel; instrument
to see; to look at, to examine, to spy upon, to wait upon
sand and gravel; rocks exposed at low tide; to crush
qìe lace; embroidered hem (of a garment), (same as 緁) a narrow strip of woven material (such as the hem of a straw hat)
shī wet, moist, humid, damp; an illness
ramie; linen sackcloth, to twist and join (cords); to continue, to order the arrest of; to capture
footpath, trail; track
outstanding ability, exquisite; fine
to hear; to listen, a keen sense of hearing
to help, aid, relieve; to ferry, cross
谿 valley, gorge; mountain stream
zhī seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetables
abdominal area of crab; navel
piebald horse; excellent horse
ride horseback; mount; cavalry
jíe pure; virtuous; devotion; dedication, to have bearings; to have manners
qǐng (a dialect) to come to an end; to terminate
sound of rat; sound of insects
louse eggs, nits
variety of artemisia seek
wrinkled; contracted; to draw together, urgent; imminent; sad; sorrowful
qìe a servant, to fear, short; a short person, angry, small headed
acrida chinensis
coryphaena hippurus
(same as 齋) pious; respectful; chaste; pure, to abstain from meat, wine, etc., to fast, (same as 齊) equal; uniform, name of an ancient feudal state
bamboo ware
legendary auspicious animal
(same as 鬐) mane, fins
(same as 鶀) small wild goose
county in Xinjiang province
horse's mane; fins
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
edible fern
maggots, grubs
take in both hands and offer to
(same as 髹) a kind of dark-red paint, to paint or lacquer (articles)
starve, be hungry; famine
qín variety of artemisia seek
to gnaw; to bite
àn with a high skull, dried meat strips
Aix galericulata