Mandarin Search: qia

qǐa card, punch card; calorie
qìa yáo to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
qìa fear; dread; fright; scare, crafty; low cunning
qìa to sink into; to pierce, (ancient form of 割) to cut; to hack; to reap
jíe qìa to strip the skin of the face; an imminent calamity, to engrave; (Cant.) to pierce
qìa just, exactly, precisely; proper
qìa xía to blend with, be in harmony; to penetrate; to cover; a river in Shenxi
qìa to laugh hertily; to roar with laughter, to breath
qìa to arrest; to catch; to seize, to brawl; a hand-to-hand fight; to struggle for; to fight for, to beat; to strike; to attack
ē qìa illness, sickness, disease; pain
jíe qìa short (dialect) to curry favor; to toady; to flatter; to try hard to please
qìa qǐan (same as 帢) a kind of cap worn by an officer in old China
qīa hold; gather with hand; choke
jíe qìa tablet; a signpost
qìa xía (same as 洽) to spread; to diffuse, harmony; agreement, name of a frontier pass; near today's Sichuan Province
jìa qìa blind, hollow-eyed, to look at
hàn qìa (same as 漢) name of a dynasty, belonging to China, the Milky Way the Han River, (interchangeable 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to live; to stay
jíe qīa smilax china
qìa the pelvis, bone stuck in the throat, the kneecap; patella; the five lowest pieces of bone of the spinal column
jíe qìa clam; oyster
qìa (same as 䛩) to slander; to defame; (same as 惡) to hate; to hold a grudge against
qìa the pelvis
qǐa qìe to bite; use all the strength to bite; to gnaw, bones squeeze between teeth (could not be picked out)
qìa xía growing irregular teeth; crooked teeth, cleft tooth, sound of gnaw