Mandarin Search: qiong

qíong high. to raise
qíong in distress; a mound
qíong poor, destitute, impoverished
jìong kǒng qíong small, poor, submit to the dominion of; slow; late
qíong qīong kōng high and vast; elevated; arched
gǒng qíong scared; terrified, fear; dread; fright
hóng kǒu qíong a pit; a hole; a gully
qīong xīong a kind of herb
qíong to get something with both raising hands
qíong late crop, to reap or harvest; to cut grain
qǐong qǐng Indian mallow
qíong (same as 煢 惸) solitary; alone; single; brotherless; friendless; helpless, dice; a kind of gambling game played in ancient times
qíong alone; without friends or relativ
qíong bamboo name; bamboo staff
qíong jade; rare, precious; elegant; (Cant.) to coagulate
qíong gǒng cricket, locust; anxious
qíong orphan; alone, desolate
qíong troubled, worried, distressed
qíong polished rice
qíong alone; no friends or relatives
qíong qīong qīang sound of footsteps
qíong round; stare
qíong (simplified form of 藭) Cnidium officinale, a kind of medicinal herb
qíong (ancient form of 煢) along; desolate; orphaned
qíong a small boat
chàn qíong xún to flow; to move; to stray
qíong wěi loquacity, to inquire; to ask; to make inquiry
qíong round
qíong to bend the body, to employ as a servant, (non-classical form of ) (same as 窮) poor
qíong poor, destitute, impoverished
qíong sùi (same as non-classical form 邃) far distant; remote, the extreme; the farthest
húan qíong yūan apt, clever; sycophant, flatterer
qíong júe splendid
qīong bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
qíong exhausted; impoverished; poor
qíong xúan jade; rare, precious; elegant
qíong (same as non-classical form of 瓗) (same as 瓊) fine jade or agate; red stone, exquisite; fine, variety of jade