Mandarin Search: qu

receptacle; KangXi radical 17
ōu area, district, region, ward
go away, leave, depart
to go; depart
crooked, bent; wrong, false
surname; name of a divine being; transliteration of Sanskrit 'kh'
dull, slow, unskilful
be diligent, toil, endeavor
steep, sheer; rugged, rough
bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
chá (non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
he (Cant.)
a pen; to surround
take, receive, obtain; select
to yawn
bend, flex; bent, crooked; crouch
to close, shut the door with a bang, to soar, (ancient form 闔) a Chinese family name
open; throw away
gǒu gōu kind of aspen found in Sichuan
to breath with mouth open
júe (same as non-classical form 蛆) maggot
to condemn; to sentence, to hold a hearing (on a legal case); to interrogate or question a prisoner, to whisper
expel, disperse, exorcise
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
mynah; Erithacus species (various)
rocky, hilly, uneven
kòu narrow trail of path in the fields, a name of an old county in today's Yunnan Province
a Chinese family name, the timid look of a bird; (of birds) to look around, nervous (same as 瞿) shocked or scared
qìe to think; to contemplate; to consider, to pant because of fear
a vessel or utensil made of straw, grass or weeds, a kind of grass
kind of lettuce
(corrupted form of 氍) fine woolen cloth, a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
sleeves; cuff
marry, take wife
ōu area, district, region, ward; surname
class; section, department
chù waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
ditch, canal, channel, gutter
a bamboo frame on which silkworms spin their cocoons
curved piece of wood, to bend; to crouch, name of a tree, name of a fruit
alone; quiet, still
cricket; worm
hasten, hurry; be attracted to
gōu yoke
chù bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
gōu gòu hook, barb; sickle; stroke with
a wild boar; to fight
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
the toad (especially in reference to the one supposed to live on the moon), earthworm
(same as 絇) ornamennts for the frontal part of shoes
steep, sheer; rugged, rough
peep at; watch, spy on
powerful; strong bows, the end of the bows
cǒu zōu what attracts one's attention
(same as 嶇) a rugged, steep mountain
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
expel, drive away; beat, assault
yeast, leaven; surname
ōu kōu beat, fight with fists, hit; to strike, brawl
gōu gòu mynah; Erithacus species (various)
a topknot
(same as 覷) to see; to look at, to steal a glance; to glance quickly, to spy on; to peep at
bashful; ashamed
a wattle or bamboo fence
suddenly, unexpectedly; at once
qīong bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
tooth decay
yeast, leaven
cǒu hasten, hurry; be attracted to
qìe lace; embroidered hem (of a garment), (same as 緁) a narrow strip of woven material (such as the hem of a straw hat)
alone; quiet, still
jade ring; earrings; surname
interrogate, question
(Cant.) 蠄蟝, a dragonfly
to spy; to watch for
qún a hole; an opening, a cave, empty; hollow
a kind of frog; a kind of sea turtle; with two horns; and pattern on the tortoise shell
yeast, leaven; surname
peep at; watch, spy on
a kind of animal
zōu zhòu zhū mounted escort; groom
name of a folk song in ancient times, used in girl's name
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
(non-classical form of 齲) decayed tooth; carious tooth
fine woollen cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping god
a halberd
to gaze at in terror, a surname
crude bamboo mat
a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible grain
thin, emaciated; worn, tired
qiáo qiào the long tail feathers which curl up; to elevate; to raise the head; warped, (interchangeable 翹) long tail feathers, to raise, outstanding
tooth decay
highway; thoroughfare, intersection
a species of mynah