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qìan qūe owe, lack, be deficient; KangXi radical number 76
qùe still, but; decline; retreat
qùe (non-classical form of 卻) still; but; yet; etc., to refuse to accept, to retreat; to withdraw
qùe qūe júe (Cant.) 啲咑, a trumpet
gùi xùe qūe gěng acetylene
qìe qùe (same as 怯) lacking in courage; cowardly, nervous; socially timid; fright
sháo xiào qùe shùo peony; water chestnuts
qùe still, but; decline; retreat
qùe surname
㱿 qùe (same as 殼) the husk, skin or shell of fruits; the shell of snakes, insects, etc., the shells of molluscas, a bag or case made of leather for weapons, (interchangeable ) prudent; cautious, (same as 嗀) to vomit; to throw up, strong; durabl
qūe be short of, lack; gap, deficit
qùe rǎn name of a dog in the period of Warring States (usually known as the magpie, jacklaw), generally called for dogs
qùe sincerity, honesty; modest
qùe stony
qùe qiào casing, shell, husk, hull, skin
qùe qiāo qiǎo sparrow
niǎo diǎo dǎo qùe bird; KangXi radical 196
lìe qùe hunt; field sports
qùe close, shut; watch tower
qùe sure, certain; real, true
qiǎo tūo qùe a shoe; the sole of a shoe; magpie
qùe ulcer; sore; boil
qùe knock; pick out; ridicule
qùe to water; to pour water; to irrigate, to wet; to moisten; to soak in, to wash
qùe magpie; Pica species (various)
qùe coloured
qùe júe qūe watch tower; palace
qùe truly
qùe to startle; to amaze; to surprise, afraid; scared; fearful, respectful; reverent
chùo júe qùe disease; illness, goat (or sheep) get sick, a throbbing goat (or sheep)
qùe footbridge; toll, levy; monopoly
qùe sincerity, honesty; cautious
qùe to knock, to pick out, to ridicule, (a variant) monopoly, a footbridge. a toll levied at a bridge or a ferry
qùe qiāo solid
qùe sure, certain; real, true
qùe (same as 雀) a general name of small birds, as sparrows, chickadees, etc.
qùe sincerity, honesty; modest
liào lǐn qùe to go forward; to depart
qúe lameness, paralysis of hands, leg
䧿 qùe (same as 鵲) the magpie
qùe a pot, an earthen pot; a deep cooking pot
júe qùe an ancient measure; a goblet; mean; frightened
qùe júe kúi close, shut; watch tower
qùe júe qūe watch tower; palace
cùo qùe shark
qùe magpie; Pica species (various)
hùo hūo qùe to beckon; to urge
qùe (same as 塙 確) high; lofty; noble, sure; certain; firm; real; true
qùe (non-classical form of 榷) to monopolize, to levy taxes