Mandarin Search: rui

dùi yùe rùi cash; exchange
rùi confluence of two streams; bend
rùi the handle of tools
rùi gnat, mosquito
rùi rùo tiny, small; water's edge
dùi rùi sharp; acute, clever, vigorous
nèi rùi inside; within; inner, a family name, (corrupted form of ) to take from the top, to strip; to peel
rùi (same as 銳) a sharp-pointed weapon, acute; zealous; valiant, wound, minor injury
rùi sodium, natrium; sharpen wood
rúi drooping leaves; fringe soft, delicate
rúi súi four bundle of grains
cùi rùi to wear out; rubbed out; to die out; to wear away; frayed
rùi wěi exquisite; fine, used in girl's name
rùi dùi yùe sharp, keen, acute, pointed
rúi farm tool, (same as 桵) a kind of tree
dǔo rùi a kind of jade
sūi súi shuāi rúi tǔo soothe, appease, pacify; carriage harness
rùi (simplified form of ) a kind of fine silk fabrics
rùi felicitous omen; auspicious
rùi gnat, mosquito
rúi tassels hanging from hat
dùo rúi wěi to squeeze and to crowd against each other (of sheep)
rùi shrewd, astute, clever, keen
jùn rùi a wily rabbit; a cunning hare
rùi fine; silky; new growth of grass
rùi dùi yùe sharp, keen, acute, pointed
rùi dùi sharp
rǔi stamen
rùi astute, profound, shrewd
rùi to stain, to dye
rúi drooping leaves; fringe soft, delicate
rǔi unopened flowers, flower buds
rǔi jǔan unopened flowers, flower buds
rùi (corrupted form of 叡) wise and clever, shrewd, discreet, astute, quick of perception, the divine sagacity of sages
rǔi hang
rùi (corrupted form of 叡) to understand thoroughly; quick or keen of perception, wise and clever, the profoundest; the divine sagacity of sages
rúi shinbone of a cattle, a kind of cattle
chúi rùi zhù owl, kite, hawk; sparrow hawk, stop flying (said of bird)
rǔi stamen or pistil