Mandarin Search: sao

sǎo sào sweep, clear away; exterminate
sào zǎo (same as 蚤) flea, to scratch, the mortices in the hub for the spokes of the wheel
sǎo sào sweep, clear away; exterminate
sào sǎo broom; to sweep, clear away
sǎo (same as 嫂) wife of one's elder brother
sāo sǎo harass, bother, annoy, disturb
sāo zhǎo to scratch
sāo cǎo agitated
sǎo sister-in-law, elder brother's wife
sào chirping of birds
sāo zǎo draw, reel
sāo sào itch
sāo sōu counter for ships, vessels
sào perserved and dried meat, (a dialect) fried; cooked small pieces of meat, meat broth
zǎo qiāo sāo to reel
sāo sào rank; rancid; frowzy, fetid; bashful
sāo carp
sāo zǎo draw, reel silk from cocoons; elegant compositions
zào sào dry, parched, arid; quick-tempered
sào restless, melancholy
sào (same as 瘙) a kind of skin disease (like sores from scabies)
sāo blowing of the wind
sǎo name of a variety of grass
zǎo qiāo sāo to reel silk from cocoons
sāo sǎo xiāo harass, bother, annoy, disturb, agitate; sad, grieved
sāo shēn cān a horse mackerel