Mandarin Search: shao

sháo zhúo spoon, ladle; unit of volume
shǎo shào few, less, inadequate
zhào shào imperial decree; summon
sháo biāo shúo handle of cup, ladle, spoon; name of a constellation
shào eminent, lofty; beautiful; surname
shào encourage; to excel; excellent
shào continue, carry on; hand down; to join
shào continue, carry on; join
shào surname; various place names
zhāo qiáo sháo beckon, summon; recruit, levy
sháo xiào qùe shùo peony; water chestnuts
shāo burn; bake; heat; roast
shāo to select; to take; to carry
shǎo name of a variety of grass
shāo ends of bow
shào whistle, blow whistle; chirp
shào shè dim; ambiguous; unclear eyesight, sharp ends of something
tiáo shào a broom, a besom
tiáo sháo rush plant
shāo shào xiāo pointed tip of something long like a branch; rudder
shào chāo continue, carry on; hand down; to join
shāo shào little, slightly; rather
shāo burn; bake; heat; roast
shào qiáo (Cant.) to glance
shāo xiāo long legged spider; octopus; chrysalis of mantis
shāo shào stern of a vessel
xiāo shāo raw silk fabric
shāo basket, bucket
shāo serrated edges on a Chinese flag
sōu sǒu shāo urinate; soak, drench
sháo centiliter
sháo music of the emperor Shun; beautiful
shào light refreshment, (dialect) animal feeds; fodder; forage made of wild vegetables, rice bran and water from washing rice
shǎo (same as 捎) to beat; to strike; to attack, to be in full possession of; to grasp, to make selective collection or coverage of
shào driving rain; to sprinkle
qiào shāo scabbard, sheath
sháo (same as 韶) the name of the music of the legendary Emperor, harmonious, (large seal type 鞀 婸) hand-drum used by pedlars; it is sounded by twirling it backwards in the hand, so that two swinging knobs can strike the face of the drum
shāo shào burn; bake; heat; roast
shào intense heat, to fry in intensive fire
shǎo thin root (rhizome) of the lotus, (same as 梢) the tip of a branch, (same as 槊) a long spear; a lance
shāo tail of a comet; long hair
yào shào shùo shine, dazzle; brilliant, radiant