Mandarin Search: si

mǒu private, secret; KangXi radical 28
the hours from 9 to 11; 6th terrestrial branch
silk; KangXi radical 120
take charge of, control, manage; officer
silk; fine thread; wire; strings
a tribe of savages in South China
a stream which leaves the main branch then later returns
shí (same as 石) rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
court, office; temple, monastery
silk; KangXi radical 120
silk; KangXi radical 120
die; dead; death
shì resemble
shì resemble, similar to; as if, seem
serve, wait upon, attend; examine
private, personal; secret
zhài an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with one horn; place name
mucous; nasal flow; sniffle; river in Shandong
xiào (same as ) (ancient form of 俟) to wait for, until; when; as soon as
raise animals; feed; nourish
to sacrifice, worship
wife of elder brother
sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
team of four horses; horses
a phonetic
(same as 姒)wife of one's husband's elder brother; (in ancient China) the elder of twins; a Chinese family name, (same as 姬) a handsome girl; a charming girl; a concubine; a Chinese family name
a female rhinoceros
gǔi name of a mountain (of warship), (same as 禔) happiness; good fortune; good luck; blessing, (same as standard form 祓) to exorcise; to remove evil; to cleanse; to clean; to wash away
(same as 囟) top of the human head; the skull
tái a table, desk
sāi think, consider, ponder; final particle
(same as non-classical form 耜) a farming instrument; a spade; a shovel
wait for, wait until, as soon as
shí eat; meal; food; KangXi radical number 184
the eastern egret
ancestral temple; offer sacrifice
zhì defects; flaws, illness; disease
river bank; water's edge
a kind of cattle, an one year old cattle
to feed; provisions
spade-shaped tool; plow
a hamper, wicker basket
xìn (same as 耜) a plough; a ploughshare
talented; urgent
a hod, a basket in which to carry earth
silk; fine thread; wire; strings
coarse cotton cloth used for mourning
give, bestow favors; appoint
kind of snail with spiral shell
this, thus, such; to lop off; emphatic particle
husband's family
wait for, wait until, as soon as
cool breeze of autumn
indulge; excess; numeral four; particle meaning now, therefore; shop
learn, practice, study; toil
to connect, inherit; descendants, heirs
zhì kǎi pheasant; crenellated wall
sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
sōng strontium
raise animals; feed; nourish
raise animals; feed; nourish
servant; to make a disturbance
(same as 寺) a government agency, the court, a eunuch
wooden screen
hàn nìe xíe xín used in girl's name
team of four horses
to exhaust; to drain dry
rip, tear; buy cloth
neighing of a horse; gravel voiced, husky throated; (Cant.) to hiccough
give, bestow favors; appoint
coarse cotton cloth used for mourning
hiss; a call to come
kind of snail with spiral shell
a kind of animal, a kind of rat, (interchangeable 肆) extremely; excessively; reckless; without restraint, to exhaust
(same as large seal type form of ) a four years old cattle; a two and a half years old cattle
sōng strontium; an iron utensil
cool breeze of autumn
the larva of a month; a grasshopper
sieve; to sift; to strain
egret; Egretta garzetta