Mandarin Search: suan

sǔan xúan (same as 匴) a large basket for holding cooked rice, a kind of tray made of bamboo used in ancient time
xǔan sùan choose, select; elect; election
sūan xùn jùn a fabulous beast
sùan to calculate
sūan aching of limbs, muscular pains
sùan an ancient device for working with numbers; count, calculate, figure
sùan count, calculate, figure; plan
sūan tart, sour; acid; stiff; spoiled
zhùan sùan xǔan compose, write, compile
sùan garlic
xǔan sùan xùan choose, select; elect; election
zhùan sǔan zǔan zùan to collect; edit; a bamboo basket
sùan xìan to die from disease