Mandarin Search: ta

tūo it; other
other, another; he, she, it
she, her
túo tūo it; polled cattle
arrive at, reach; intelligent; smooth, slippery
connected, joined; repeated
tùo zhí expand; open up; support or push
door; gate
(simplified form of ) slippery ( as a road)
flog, whip; chastise
walking, (ancient form form of 會) to meet, to gather, to be able, to realize
shé shī túo thallium
a finger wrapper; a covering (used to protect the fingers from getting hurt)
趿 to tread on; slipshod
flat-bottom crock (with narrow opening); jug, pitcher, vase, etc; (Cant.) stool
(corrupted form of 沓) repeated; joined, crowded together, a family name
dog to take food, a biter (said of a dog)
to prostrate; to make obeisance, to concede or submit willingly
answer: small bean; thick
a rectangle shaped peg or short post between the beans and the roof timbers; the square peck-shaped box half-way up a Chinese flagstaff
fall in ruins, collapse
tower, spire, tall building
upper-story door or window
a child's shoes; slippers
rub, make rubbings of inscription
join together, attach to; add to
shī shé túo a short spear; thallium
zǎn net; web; network
da stumble, slip
arrive at, reach; intelligent
tìe to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk; refine; polished (rice), to tread upon; to step upon a pestle (for husking grain)
a coarse, woollen serge
lùo lěi river in northern Shandong
name of a variety of bamboo, a cover made of bamboo
cot, couch, bed
careless, negligent, slipshod
the water plantain, the lotus floating on the water
dài mixed, abundant, assorted
kǔn hands and feet chapped from the cold
forgetful; having a bad memory, disgraced; shy; sensitive to shame; ashamed; (Cant.) to lower one's head
step on, trample, tread on, walk
to escape; to abscond; to flee, (interchangeable 達)
to get something with a lasso
a window-leaf; something made of strips of bamboo to block sunlight
(same as 獺) an otter
(same as 榻) a couch; a bed, window; shutters
flog, whip; chastise; (Cant.) classifier for places; a tart (from the English 'tart')
slippery, smooth
to run away; to flee; to escape; to evade, (interchangeable 達) to reach; to arrive at, to walk away without meeting each other
a large boat
shoes, boots
shī wet, moist, humid, damp; an illness
step on, tread on; stumble, slip
díe sole
upper-story door or window
jutting on the epidermis or the cuticle (of plants); (Cant.) skin peeling off
sound of drums; image of the sound
to tread on; to stamp; to walk
hot; burning, fur clothing, weapons, drum
da stumble, slip
peacefully; quietly
black (corrupted form of 濌) sound of the flowing water
door; gate
noises; disorderly or confused sound of the drums
to speak recklessly or without forethought; a wild talk, use words to investigate
a kind of bird, a flying young bird
díe sole
flight of a dragon
the appearance of a dragon walking