Mandarin Search: tan

tàn sigh, admire
tān collapse; landslide
chén shěn tán sink, submerge; addicted to; surname
tán altar; arena, examination hall
tǎn timorous; nervous
tān be greedy, covet; covetous
tán become cloudy, overcast
tǎn (same as 醓) brine from pickled meat; condiments, juicy meat pulp; mashed meat cooked with soybean sauce, short and ugly, light of the setting moon; (Cant.) 肚䏙 stomach
tǎn flat, smooth; self-possessed
yán yàn tán flame, blaze; hot
dǎn tán tǎn gall bladder; bravery, courage
dàn tǎn light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
tàn charcoal; coal; carbon
chén jìn tán name of a place
dān tán chěn gloat, stare at; to delay, to loiter, to hinder
tān a polite version of he
chàn tàn (same as 覘) to spy on; to see; to observe; to inspect, to cast the eyes down, the insight of the debauchee, to move the eyes; to look around
dàn tǎn tantalum
tán talk; conversation; surname
tǎn zhàn strip; lay bare; bared; naked
dàn tán yǎn yàn weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
tán name of a small ancient principality which was situated in what is now part of Shantung and Kiangsu
tān chǎn pant; many
tán dàn cheerful
tàn tān find, locate; search, grope for
tān greedy, covet; covetous
dàn tán pellet, bullet, shot, shell
tàn tǎn fine
chóu tán tàn do not care about appearance and deportment
sàn tán (same as 散) to scatter; to disperse; to break up or separate for a time; to dismiss
tǎn rug, carpet, blanket
tán tǎn (non-classical form of 毯) rugs; carpets
tán qín yǎn reach to, spread to; extensive
tǎn to walk
zhàn chén dān jīan tán jìn deep; profound; clear; tranquil, placid
xún qían tán nettle
tán tǎn embers
tān spread out, open; apportion
tán raised path between fields
tán phlegm, mucus, spittle
tán xīan long spear
dàn tǎn tantalum
tān bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
tǎn a peg; a stake; a door stopper, the bolt of a door; door latch
dǎn tán the profundity of the harem, the mysterious and profound of the forbidden palace, the flourishing and exuberant of the flame
tàn evil, wicked, wrong, foul
tán surname
tǐan tān lick with tongue; taste
dàn tàn to stick out the tongue
tàn carbon
tǎn rush or sedge
hàn tān the Chinese people, Chinese language
tǎn gobble
chéng tàn to put out the tongue (said of animal)
chè máng shé tán tùo zùi name of a stream
dàn tàn a river, in today's northeast of Sichuan Province, between Bazhong and Tongjiang
tàn sigh, admire
tān chǎn pant; many
tān paralysis, palsy, numbness
tán an earthenware jar; a jug
tàn tǎn fine
tàn sigh, admire
tán talk; conversation; surname
tán xún yǐn dàn deep pool, lake; deep, profound
dǎn tàn to dust; a duster
dàn tán pellet, bullet, shot, shell
tǎn (corrupted form of 毯) rug; carpet; blanket
dàn dán shàn tán dān calm, quiet, tranquil
tàn delicious; tasty food, (same as 醰) of a fine flavour
tǎn big; large; thin; light, rugged; uneven, a deep cave
tǎn salted meat; brine from pickled mince
tán xīan yǎn long spear
tán altar; arena, examination hall
tán become cloudy, overcast
tán xín dagger; small sword
dàn dān dǎn tán to hate bitterly; drought; dry
tán delicious; tasty (same as 醰) full flavoured; rich
tán dàn incite
chán shàn tán meditation, contemplation (dhyana); to level ground for altar; abdicate
tǎn dàn sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' mourning the death of a parent
tán shàn sandalwood, hardwood; surname
dàn shān tǎn a rank odor; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chest
dàn gào tán (same as 霮) a passing cloud; floating clouds, densely covered by clouds; gathering clouds
tán an earthenware jar, a jug
xún qían tán nettle
tán vegetable mixed with thick soup (broth), congee; gruel
yín tán xún silverfish
xùn tán mushrooms, fungus; mildew, mold
tán (same as 壇) a platform for sacrificial rites; an altar, an arena; a hall for important meetings and ceremonies in ancient China
tán earthen jar or jug
tán bitter taste in wine; rich; full flavoured
tán surname; to talk
tān tìan to put out the tongue
tán qíang a mast; a yard-arm or boom
tǎn zhàn strip; lay bare; bared; naked
tán name of a variety of bamboo, a towrope used to tow a boat against the current in swift stream from the bank
tán name of a variety of grass, grass that creep and spread luxuriantly
tǎn dǎn dàn earnest money; silk label on books
chán tán bark, ( same as 毚) a cunning hare; a wily rabbit
tàn (non-classical form) (same as 談) to talk; to converse; to chat
tán xīn xín dagger; small sword
shǎn shěn tàn the current of a stream, brave; courageous; decision with courage; (a person) of determination, swift flowing of the water currents, to float; to waft, to overflow
tǎn dǎn shèn dàn black, dark; unclear; private
tān spread out, open; apportion
tān hàn nàn bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
tán dìan black horse
tán an earthenware jar, a jug
tān paralysis, palsy, numbness