Mandarin Search: tiao

tiào to chew; to masticate, to dwell on, Chinese medicine term
tiáo clause, condition; string, stripe
tiáo yǎo yóu (same as 芀) name of a plant (much used for making brooms); a reed
tiáo peak; cliff; precipice
tiāo frivolous; unsteady; delay
dào tiǎo zhào to turn over the clod of the earth with a shovel or a spade, to plough the land for rotation of crops, a channel for irrigation in farmland
tiáo clover; pea
tiāo tiǎo tāo a load carried on the shoulders; to carry
tiāo to worry; frivolous
zhào tiǎo surname; ancient state
tiáo far; distant
tiǎo thick stick; stout carrying pole, beam of a bed
tiào tiǎo to offer flesh in sacrifice
tiào tiǎo sacrifice
diào tiào tiáo zhōu transfer, move, change; tune
tiāo an ancestral hall
tiǎo tiāo yáo slender; quiet and modest, charming
tiáo shào a broom, a besom
tiáo hairy; long tail feather of a bird
tiào sell grains
tiáo sháo rush plant
xīu tiáo dried meat (used as teachers payment in ancient times)
tiào look at, gaze at, scan, survey
tiáo clause, condition; string, stripe
tiáo name of a mountain
diào tiǎo (same as 磽) hard barren land, a kind of stone (interchangeable 銚) a small pot with a handle
yáo tiáo large hoe; surname; a spear
chāo chǎo chào tiào jump over, leap over; surpass
tiáo (non-classical form of 跳) to jump; to leap; to bounce; to spring, (same as 阼) the main steps; the throne; the steps leading to the eastern door
tiào tiáo táo diào jump, leap, vault, bounce; dance
tiáo to jump, to climb over, to leap, to posture; a gangway
tiǎo diào tempt
tiáo lose baby teeth and get adult teeth
tiào mission
tiǎo the appearance of height in a person
tiáo zhào long, of space or time, profitable, excelling
tiáo zhào a legendary animal in ancient times
chóu tiáo tiào diào dense, crowded, packed; soupy
yáo diào tiáo qiāo yào large hoe; surname; a spear brevium
tiáo diào cicada, broad locust
zhào tiǎo diào surname; ancient state
tiào bow; nod; condescend
tiáo children's hair style; a youngster
tiáo iron; bronze decoration on bridle
tiáo minnow
zhúo chūo diào zhūo tiào to get ahead; to stride; to excel
調 diào tiào tiáo zhōu transfer, move, change; tune
tiáo zùo the reins, a small bronze ring used to connect the reins
tiáo reins
tiáo a kind of small bird, sound of birds, the feathered; birds
qíang tiáo to back up; to support
diào tiāo tiáo bamboo basket; weeder; rake
tiáo (same as 鰷) a long narrow and silver colored fish; Trichiurus armatus
tiáo hairy; with lots of hair, to let the hair grow, as children do
tiáo yóu chóu fish
tiáo lose baby teeth and get adult teeth
tiáo minnow
tiào sell grains