Mandarin Search: tong

tóng tòng together, same; surname
tóng tòng same, similar; together with
tóng red, vermilion; name of ancient
tóng a name
tóng name of place
tóng grievous; mournful; melancholy
tóng a dish-cloth; a mopper; a cleaning rag
tōng tóng tǒng dòng big; ignorant; rude, rustic
tóng dòng mountain in Gansu province
tóng dòng Mountain in Gansu province
tōng dòng in pain, sorrowful
tòng sadness, grief; mourn; be moved
zhòng chóng tóng heavy, weighty; double
tóng tǒng to go straight forward, (same as 衕) a lane; an alley, (same as 侗) ignorant; rude; rustic; straight-forward; uninterrupted; no obstacle
tóng a rope decorated with bronze ornament (for leading cattle), a family name
tǒng govern, command, control; unite
dòng tóng cave, grotto; ravine; hole
tóng concrete
tóng heat
tóng name applied various trees
tóng rán (Cant.) an edible snake, lizard
tǒng jab
tǒng equal; uniform, used in girl's name
tóng not a real father or a nature father (as distinct from foster father)
tóng to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn, a lance; a spear
tōng tòng pass through, common, communicate
tóng to go through; to penetrate; passed through, (same as 洞) a cave; a hole
tǒng pail, bucket, tub; cask, keg
tōng ache, be in pain; painful
tóng copper, brass, bronze
tǒng to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
tòng pain, ache; sorry, sad; bitter
tǒng tóng dòng thick piece of bamboo; pipe
yǒng tóng a grindstone; (same as 硐) a cave, cavern
tóng tiles in cylinder shape; used to build a palace; a temple or a shrine
tóng zhōng child, boy, servant boy; virgin
tòng dòng alley, lane
tǒng govern, command, control; unite
tóng vegetable, (non-classical, abbreviated from, same as 橦) a tree which grows in Yunnan, from the flowers ofwhich a cloth is made
tǒng govern, command, control; unite
tóng dòng chóng ketones
tōng used for sound
tǒng yǒng dòng tóng bamboo pipe; fish hook
tóng zhòu snakefish
tóng copper, brass, bronze cuprum
tòng sadness, grief; mourn; be moved
tóng zhùang page, boy servant
tóng food
tóng mountain; hill, bald hills, valley; ravine
tōng tree name
tóng name of a variety of dog; wild tribes in South China
tóng chōng zhōng high, lofty; damp
tóng the rising moon
tóng twilight just before sunrise
chúang chōng tóng tree
tóng zhòng a pheasant-like bird with black and body and red feet, a kind of bird, (same as 蟂) an otter-like animal
tǒng empty; hollow, dark; obscure
tóng zhòu snakefish
tóng zhòng rice
㼿 tóng the brick wall of a well, earthenware (a jar; a jar with a small mouth and two or four ears; a pot; a pitcher)
tōng paper-plant; Aralia papyrifera
罿 tóng chōng net catch birds
tóng pupil of eye
tóng chōng zhùang ancient warship
dōng tóng rattle of drums
tóng a kind of turtle
tóng yǒng name of a horse, a young horse
tóng a kind of water bird