Mandarin Search: tu

soil, earth; items made of earth
protrude, bulge out, convex
vomit, spew out, cough up
禿 bald, bare, stripped
diagram; chart, map, picture
rabbit, hare
rabbit, hare
diagram; chart, map, picture
mud; surname
suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
surname; name of certain rivers
name of a place in today's Shandong Province
disciple, follower; go on foot
way, road, path, journey; course
fine jade
glutinous rice
butcher, slaughter, massacre
a scabby bald head
(Cant.) lay up; sit
dīe díe stumble, slip, fall down; stamp
(same as 梌) the branches to spread out in all directions, the catalpa; a kind of hard wood used for making chessboard
smear, daub, apply, spread; paint
jade hanging on the sides of the cap in ancient times; used to plug the ears, to take; to receive
chá shū bitter vegetable
leaven, yeast; wine
dodder; creeper
diagram; chart, map, picture
a tiger
diagram; chart, map, picture
name of a place in today's Shanxi Province
(same as non-classical form of ) a kind of jade
a kind of jade
an ear of grain, (non-classical form of 稌) ancient term for glutinous rice, (same as 藷) a term for plants with tubers
dǔo tùi shoe-cushions
shǒu shú shù the eldest son, to give birth to the first child
(same as 鵌) a kind of bird which shares its nest with rats
jiǎo xiào yín to make decoction of salt