Mandarin Search: wa

𩋘 xíe shoes
tile; earthenware pottery; girl
āo concave, hollow, depressed; a pass, valley
deep hollow;, gouge, dig out
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
(a dialect) the gesture of using an indented contain (ladle, spoon etc.) to get in hold something (loosed), (corrupted form of 瓬) clay pottery; earthenware
of mountain; high and lofty
(Cant.) final particle
wa vomit; cry of an infant
gūi hollow; pit; depression; swamp
dig, dig out, gouge out, scoop
baby; doll; pretty girl
a goddess, the mythological sister and successor to Fuxi
yùe lose of the ear
pit, vault; store in pit; (Cant.) 手窊, the arm
sound, wicked; mean; vicious
kùi castrated ram
socks, stockings
mythological snail goddess
júe frog
(Cant.) quarter of an hour
to seize, to grasp
hollow; pit; depression; swamp
gūi xíe salmon; spheroides vermicularis
xíe shoes, footwear in general
gūi xíe kúi hùa salmon; spheroides vermicularis
to step on the ground with a bang, hard to go forward; limping, to scrape; to move along the side of
mìe to deceive; artful; false
the edible water-frog
socks, stockings
socks, stockings
socks, stockings