Mandarin Search: wen

wén wèn literature, culture, writing
wèn ask about, inquire after
wěn behead, cut throat
wén line, streak, stripe; wrinkle
wěn kiss; the lips; coinciding
wèn wěn wipe, rub off
wèn mén wén mín a river in Shandong province
wén (Cant.) to simmer, cook over a slow fire
wěn drown
wěn die; death; dead
wěn the corners of the mouth the lips
wěn the corners of the mouth, the lips
mín wén streaks in jade; gem
wén wèn hear; smell; make known; news
wēn yùn to feed a prisoner
mín wén stone resembling jade
xìan wěn boundary, limit, line
wén wèn line, streak, stripe; wrinkle
mén wèn the ropes attached to the bier and held by mourners, mourning garments, a ceremonial cap for high ministers in old China
wèn wěn confused, disorder
wén mosquito; gnat
wěn tablet held by someone having authority
wén variant of 蚊 , a mosquito, gnat
wén wen xiang, Henan province
wěn coinciding, agreeing
yǎn wěn eye; eyelet, hole, opening
wěn dark blue color, to combine; to unite, to close; to shut, the water is exhausted, to get the color away by soaking in the water
wěn can not see clear, (ancient form of 吻) lips
wèn ask (about), inquire after
wēn yùn lukewarm
wěn yìn (same as 吻) the lip, the tone of one's speech, to kiss; a kiss
mín mǐn wěn (same as 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
yūn yùn wēn tangled hemp, raveled silk; vague, confused
wén cloud patterns, coloring of cloud
yùn wěn angry
wèn wipe off; press down with knuckle
wēn lukewarm, warm; tepid, mild
wèn wipe off; press down with knuckle; to immerse; (Cant.) to search, look for
wěn (non-classical form of 穩) stable; steady; firm, sure; secure
yūn yùn wěn sultriness, stuffiness
mǐan wèn mourning
wēn hearse
wén (ancient form of 聞) to hear, to learn, to convey, to smell
wén wèn (ancient form of 聞) to hear, to learn, to convey, to smell, to hear of
wèn to bank a fire; to smother, put out
wén wèn hear; smell; make known; news
wén the top part of the rice gruel, to chafe; to scour; to rub; to wipe with hand
wěn stable, firm, solid, steady
wēn yūn epidemic, plague, pestilence
chuài wěn (simplified form of 䦟) to struggle; struggle; to strive, firm; stable; secure
wén the flying-fish
wén name of a district in Henan province
wěn (same as 穩) firm; stable; secure, dependent upon others
chún wěn clear (fresh) water
wěn calm, quiet, peace; moderation
wén a mosquito, a gnat
wēn hearse
wēn sardine
é wèn yǔan (same as 璺) a crack in jade (or porcelain)
yùn wēn the hippuris or mare's tail plant
wěn stable, firm, solid, steady
wèn a crack, as in porcelain
yùn wēn an orange color; hide, conceal
xìn wèn split; (Cant.) a mark, trace
wēn sardine
wēn sardine
wén wèn (same as 蚊) mosquito; gnat
yùn wēn collect, gather, store; profound; (Budd.) skandha