Mandarin Search: xi

𥋟 to wink
box; KangXi radical 23
evening, night, dusk; slanted
practice; flapping wings
exclamatory particle
forty, fortieth
cover; KangXi radical 146
variant of radical 146
西 west(ern); westward, occident
hūi theatrical play, show
night tides, evening ebb tide
inhale, suck in; absorb; attract
chā collect, draw in, gather; receive
sacrficial victim; gift; grain
system; line, link, connection
rare; hope, expect, strive for
gùo kǎi a river in ancient times
spread out; smilling or laughing
the gloom of the grave a tomb or grave; death
fine, tiny; slender, thin
cùo formerly; ancient; in beginning
to rest
split wood; break apart; divide
(Cant.) vulgar, abusive term for female sex organ, cunt
to go; to walk
xìe (standard form) lusty; strong; gigantic strength, heavy sleep with snoring
to pretend, appear as if
xǐan wash, rinse; clean, purify
bind, tie up; involve, relation
cǔi xǐan sěn xùn sprinkle; scatter; pour; to wipe away; to shiver
díe zhì sound of a cat; bite; laugh
male nettle-hemp
qùe surname
āi ēi éi ěi èi an exclamation of confirmation
shǐ excrement, dung
xíe (a corrupted abbreviated form) to cover the line of vision or sight --the straight line between an object and one's eyes, to look steadily at, to look at impatiently
cns 2-2A40 is different
already; de facto; since; then
glare; stare
a kind of animal (same as 夷) generally called for minority groups in old China
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
uneasy; distrubed; not feeling at peace
weep or sob; grieve
xíe xìan ribs; armpits; flank; threaten
rest, put stop to, end, cease
seat; mat; take seat; banquet
the water flowing from ..., the current of a stream
xíe (abbreviated form of 8107 脅) the sides of the trunk from armpits to ribs; the flank
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to rest; to cease, intelligent, strange; uncanny, light aspirations ro ambitions for ...
chī city under the Chou Dyn. a surname
where? what? how? why?; servant
sūo sacrifice, give up; sacrificial
(non-classical form of 隙) a crack; a crevice; a fissure
crack, opening; surname
perch; roost; stay
gigantic strength; hercules
xìn name of a mountain, a component parts of a loom
imperial signet, royal signet
fine, tiny; slender, thin
move one's abode, shift, migrate
water used wash rice; to wash ric
dry, expose sun; dawn
perch; roost; stay
sob; sigh
lìe qùe hunt; field sports
already; de facto; since; then
pity, regret, rue, begrudge
know, learn about, comprehend
zhé zhē zhì light of stars; shine
to twitter
raid, attack; inherit
xīn yín (simplified form of 訢) (same as 欣) joy; delight; happy
feud, fight, quarrel
xīn yín pleased, delighted; happy
xǐan mill
sections in vegetable farm
practice; flapping wings
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
qiǎo tūo qùe a shoe; the sole of a shoe; magpie
sàng (same as 喪) to lose; death; funeral, to mourn, to destroy
clear, evident; clearly
perch; roost; stay
ksc extension 3108
(non-classical form of 愾) anger; passion; rage, to sigh; to groan
to long for; to gaze at
fair; white; clear; discriminate
idle; shiftless
rare, unusual, scarce; sparse
qiǎo a shoe; the sole of a shoe; magpie
rhinoceros; sharp, well-tempered
mountain in Henan; surname
paint, decorate
year end sacrifice; dried meat
(Cant.) equipment on a ship
(Cant.) to be located at
like, love, enjoy; joyful thing
qìan qīan madder, rubia cordifolia; reeds
to mash rice
personal name; servant
bright, splendid, glorious
beam of a house
a place in Henan province
xíe lead by hand, take with; carry
tin, stannum; bestow, confer
mountain stream, creek
crack, split, fissure; grudge
a river name; a long rain
slave girls, lacking in courage; nervous, a jealous woman
a valley with a stream in it; a gorge
white; kind of date
luxuriant; lush of grass and trees, (same as 赫) bright; glowing, brilliant; glorious, (same as 嚇) angry, fear; dread; fright; scare
wait for, await, expect, hope
to see; to observe or examine
bright, splendid, glorious
bright, splendid, glorious
put out, extinguish, quash
è āi ēi éi ěi èi an exclamation of confirmation
pig, hog
shāi shī strain
shì bright, radiant, glowing
to take off one's top; divest
chí zhì late, tardy; slow; delay
xǐan xīan mill
sound made when cold (brrr); to endure cold
speech; word, a speech sound, tone (of one's speech), boasting
chì xiào yàn (same as 歙) to gather the harvest; to gather together
name of a mountain in Yunnan Province
straw sandals or slippers that have no heel-backs
gài to irrigate; to flood water flowing; to scour
joy, gladness, delight; surname
hùi uneven; unconcious, to know nothing about...
paint, decorate
a kind of bird
semi-annual ceremony of purification
(Cant.) waste
enjoy; play, amuse oneself
hūi theatrical play
neighing of a horse; gravel voiced, husky throated; (Cant.) to hiccough
zhé (ancient form of 襲) to put on; to wear, repeated; double; to inherit; to attack or take by surprise, to accord with; to unite
like, love, enjoy; joyful thing
mirthful, happy; interjection
inhale, absorb, imbibe; compress; (Cant.) to talk, say, tell
to exhaust; to drain dry
hūi theatrical play, show
mountain stream, creek
a hard wood
afraid, bashful
a polypus
hùo to call; to summon; (Cant.) eloquent
rip, tear; buy cloth
land impregnated with salt from the tide
ancient emperor; breath, vapor
a small, tall and no ears basket made of bamboo used to hold grains
to see; to look at, to examine, to spy upon, to wait upon
straw mat, mat
bright, splendid, glorious
xíe to lead an ox, tie it tightly, quick, urgent; hurried; hasty
qíe yǎn (same as 鬩) to quarrel; to conflict, contention; animosity; resentment; recriminations
tin, stannum; bestow, confer
cùo error, blunder, mistake, wrong
to heat; to roast; to burn
shè xíe to suck; a county's name in anhui
like, love, enjoy; joyful thing
faint sound, whisper
xíe (non-classical form of 攜) to lead by the hand, to conduct to; to take with
a name of an old town in Sichuan; cuckoo; revolution of a wheel
to use a wooden pole to support something; to raise, to begin; to start
dim light, glimmer; warm
dim light, glimmer; warm, bright
chí zhì zhí late, tardy; slow; delay
paralysis, rheumatism, having no sense of feeling; numb
(same as 謑) to abuse and insult, shame; disgrace
sāi fish gills
xìe low, damp land, marsh, swamp
xiào a small boat connected to the back of a big boat; used to load the passengers, cargo or goods, warship, a kind of tools used to capsize
shame, disgrace
footpath, trail; track
(same as 氣 餼) to give a supply f grain for rations, grain, a sacrificial victim, explained as used of the living beast
谿 valley, gorge; mountain stream
to quarrel; mean and petty
zhé zhě díe pleat, crease, wrinkles
a running horse
to increase five-fold
to pant; wife; (Cant.) particle indicating doubt
the Imperial signet; the great seal
theatrical play, show
call arms; urgency
band for the hair
sieve; to sift, to strain
happiness; congratulations
luxuriant growth; extreme; to reach
shì to confer posthumous titles
shī wet, moist, humid, damp; an illness
㵿 endlessly long or vast water currents
manage, control; 1/1000 of a foot
qìe a servant, to fear, short; a short person, angry, small headed
caulk; a spider
feud, fight, quarrel
jiǎo xiào yín to make decoction of salt
sǔi sparrow; revolve; place name
imperial signet, royal signet
vinegar; pickle; acid
xúe (same as 嶨) hills with lots of big rocks
attach, connect, unite, fasten
attach, connect, unite, fasten
a wry neck
xìan sūo offer, present; show, display
sacrificial victim; gift; grain
heavy rain
the weather or dojo loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
peacefully; quietly
a crack; hazardous
sunlight, sunshine, early dawn
to cut; to cut out; to pick out; to scoop out, to cut short; to spare
sūo sacrifice, give up; sacrificial
a shrill noise; alas!
sāi fish gills
chì wine and food eaten with wine
double happiness
to wink
to burn, to roast, to boil; to heat
xíe lead by hand, take with; carry
raise feet; town in Shandong province
xǐan shī sprinkle, splash; scatter, throw
the rain stopped
raid, attack; inherit
the weather or dojo loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
a mouse
Aix galericulata
red-and-black color, blue-and-black color, black color
large turtles
gigantic strength
觿 a bodkin made of ivory, horn
shǎi shī shǐ long; dangling; kerchief; rope
shāi shī strain
hūi to engrave or carve, as a block for printing