Mandarin Search: xing

xíng háng xìng hàng héng go; walk; move, travel; circulate
xīng xìng thrive, prosper, flourish
xíng punishment, penalty; law
xíng sugar, syrup; malt sugar; sticky
xíng (same as 刑) a law, to punish; punishment
xíng gěng surname; state in today's Hebei
xíng form, shape, appearance
gǔa xìng (simple form of 興) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing
xìng apricot; almond
xìng nature, character, sex
xíng form
xìng one's family name; clan, people
xìng luck(ily), favor, fortunately
xíng wine cups
xíng jìng defile, mountain pass, gorge
xíng pattern, model, type; law; mold
xíng jīan ancient wine vessel
xīng a star, planet; any point of light
xíng (same as 鈃) long necked wine vessels (bottle; pot; jar; and cups etc.)
xíng to walk; to go
shěng xǐan xǐng province; save, economize
xíng surname; place name
xìng cold
xíng jìng defile, mountain pass, gorge
xìng lucky, fortunate; dote on, spoil
xìng anger, vexation; angry, indignant
xíng yán kēng whetstone
xíng sacrificial cauldron
tīng xíng table
xìng watery expanse
yán yàn xíng grind, rub; study, research
xìng hate
jìn xìng (same as 浸) to dip; to immerse; to soak; to permeate; to percolate, gradual; gradually
xǐng (same as 擤) to blow the nose with the fingers; (Cant.) to scour; to rebuke; to hit with a ball
xíng jīan ancient wine vessel
xìng a water plant, Nymphoides peltalum
xīng species of orangutan
xīng intelligent, clever, astute
xìng earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock etc.)
xìng short
xīng raw meat; rank, strong-smelling
xìng to close the eyes, to die without regreat or in peace
xǐng a rack or a stand with three sticks to cross each other, a chopping board
yíng xíng jǐong shine, shimmer; shining, dazzling
jǐn jìn xíng yǐng (same as 晉) a state during the period of Spring and Autumn, (same as 鄑) name of a place in today's Shandong Province
xíng sacrificial cauldron
xíng yīng yíng county in Henan; rising and dashing of waves
chě shéng xǐng zhè (non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
xǐng (non-classical form) to awake ( from errors, illusions, etc. to come to one's sense, (interchangeable 惺) clever; wise, wavering; indecisive
xíng (same as 鉶) container for thick soup, sacrificical utensil, thick soup of meat and vegetables, (interchangeable 硎) a whetstone; grindstone
xìng (same as 莕 荇) Nymphoides peltalum; a kind of water plant, name of a variety of grass
xìng angry, reproof; scolding
xīng xìng thrive, prosper, flourish
niǎo xìng (same as 褭 裊) curling up, as smoke; wavering gently, around; all around
xǐng xīng chéng jīng wake up; sober up; startle
xìng ghost; a star
xǐng to blow the nose with fingers
xīng (Cant.) rust
xīng red, brown, bay; neat, harmonious
xíng táng sugar, syrup; malt sugar; sticky
xǐng a egret-like bird, a kind of water bird
xīn xīng fragrant, aromatic; distant fragrance