Mandarin Search: xu

in, on, at; go to; surname
yǒu yòu (ancient form of 友) a friend; a companion; a associate, friendly, to make friends of, brotherly regard
interjection 'Alas!'; to sigh
屿 island
11th terrestrial branch
rising sun; brilliance; radiant
wéi dike, embankment
allow, permit; promise; betroth
I, my, me; surname; surplus
(same as 序) an east and west wall; side rooms, screen-walls to private rooms of the palace, ancient school which was also an asylum for aged scholars
xíe shé wrong, evil, depraved, vicious, perverse, heterodox
name of a mountain
gǔa xìng (simple form of 興) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing
series, serial order, sequence
name of a fish in legend, spawn, or roe
(same as 序) precedence, order, orderly, the east and west walls of the parlor
boast, brag; popular, well-known
wide open eyes; to gaze in astonishment
hǒu hōu breathe on; yawn; roar
sympathy, pity; comfort
breathe sigh, exhale; call, shout
qīan qǐan area between waist and hips
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
a kind of fish in legend (a record in old books)
hàn xìe illness; disease
(a simplified form) (corrupted form of ) all together, mutually, last name
to ditch; a moat
sound of a whistle, to blow
(same as ) a kind of jade (a jade decorative article for horse)
xīu shout
must, have to, necessary
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
express, state, relate, narrate
(same as 恤) sympathy, pity
show pity; relieve, help
all, together, mutually
to blow or breathe upon; to smile
species of oak; be glad, be pleased
chù livestock, domestic animals
slowly, quietly, calmly; composed, dignified
a group of people walking together
zhù chestnut oak
false, worthless; empty, hollow
boast, exaggerate; great, broad
cap worn during the Yin dynasty
allow, permit; promise; betroth
drunk, to become violent under the influence of alcohol
end of thread; thread, clue
continue, carry on; succeed
gūi kūi gùi rules, regulations, customs, law
knowledge; discrimination; treachery
express, state, relate, narrate
with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vast
express, state, relate, narrate
offer sacrifice for rain
enjoin, advise, preach to
enjoin, advise, excite
last name, all; together; mutually, a low rank officer to take charge of the bandits in ancient time
chūa sudden, abrupt, quick
to blow off, to blow; to puff
to beguile with false stories
chù waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
to strain spirits; river in Guangxi; abundant; bright
júe bore with awl; bright, charming
must, have to, necessary; moment; whiskers
river in Hunan
to breathe upon
(same as 諝) intelligence; brilliance, shrewdness; cunning; quick-witted and full of tricks; tricky
son-in-law; husband
婿 son-in-law; husband
(non classical form of 酗) to lose temper when drunk
to fawn on; to flatter, to love, attractive, jealous; envy; jealousy
unable to walk
chú hoe; eradicate, eliminate
to give alms
to smell the fragrance
(same as 酗) drunk; to lose temper when drunk
gúo to smash or to knock to pieces of the stone, broken
xīu kind, gentle, gracious, genial
to bring up; to raise
boast, brag; popular, well known; to flatter
grieved; anxious
the wild goat or sheep
riverbank, shore
son-in-law; husband
(same as 侐) quiet (house, surrounding, etc.)
a kind of grass, grass growing in between of (among) the grains
end of thread; thread
nùo rǔan need, require, must
exhale; blow out; deep sigh; hiss; praise, flatter; lie
ōu ǒu òu ou to vomit; annoy, enrage
exhale; blow out; deep sigh; hiss; praise
(non-classical form of 瞁) to open the eyes with astonishment
end of thread; thread, clue
to stumble; to trip the front feet of a beast, a kind of brocade from Shu
sacrificial rice; rations; pay
high mound; hilly countryside; wasteland
breath, air, steam, not clear; not quite sure
tùi keen or sharp; clever; simple and honest, sound sleep or slumber; a deep sleep, to wake up from sleep
knowledge; discrimination; treachery
to strain spirits
relaxed, comfortable, at ease
chūa sudden
to store or save up; to hoard, to strip off; to deprive of, to undress forcibly
store, save, hoard, gather
blow through nose, snort
with elegant appearance, with beautiful or gorgeous color; refined, learned and accomplished
(same as ) name of a stream; Xushui (or Shuanglongjiang) in ancient times, waterside; shore
herb medicine; teasel root
shū shǔ vegetables, greens
mistress, concubine; weak
gúo cut off left ear; tally dead enemy
clover, lucerne
hurricane; gale; cyclone
ōu to sing; songs
a kind of fish; small fish; fry, a large amphibious creature, something like the newt but very much larger
fine silk guaze; torn piece of silk
(same as 鷩) a kind of pheasant
water plant
continue, carry on; succeed
a kind of small bird, strange; weird bird
bolt of a Chinese lock
beard, whiskers; whisker-like
appeal; request; implore