Mandarin Search: xue

𥄴 xúe looking about eagerly
xúe júe xùe cave, den, hole; KangXi radical 116
xǐe xùe blood; radical number 143
xúe learning, knowledge; school
gùi xùe qūe gěng acetylene
xúe yùe to beat; to strike, to throw; to pitch, to scoop out to dig out
xúe learning, knowledge; school
xùe mountain; hill
yùe xùe jump
xūe xiāo scrape off, pare, trim
mèi xúe down; to see obscurely, (same as 䀛)
xùe mìe to destroy; to exterminate to extinguish
xúe oriental bullfinch, weaver bird; Pyrrhula species (various)
júe xúe (interchangeable ) a numerary adjunct for practically everything; a thread; a yarn, clothes for the dead, linen thread; silk thread
xùe yùe flying, to run swiftly; to go at express speed
nǜe xùe jeer
xǔe snow; wipe away shame, avenge
xúe (same as 噱) to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter, (in Shanghai dialect) a promotional gimmick, tone (of one's speech)
xúe dry and decayed, to peel off the skin; to scrape; to pare
xían xùe yùe grass
xúe a typhoon; great gale of wind
xūe boots
júe xùe the dung beetle, scarabaeus; the scavenger beetle
xùe breeze; light wind, sound of the wind
xǔe ragged clothes, left over; remainder, the excess; the surplus, to cut out (of silk fabrics) as a design
xùe rosy clouds of dawn; rosy dawn, sounds of the fire
xùe yùe breeze; light wind
xúe learning, knowledge; school
xúe big rocky mountain
júe xúe laugh heartily, laugh aloud
xūe variety of marsh grass
hùi wèi xǔe a plumpy; fat face
nǜe xùe jeer
hùo xùe to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, melancholoy; grievous; mournful, (same as 驚) to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; terrified; fearful
xùe to incite; to urge, to aid; to help; to assist, to approve; to acquiesce
xúe a fish; something like crab grown in the sea
xúe (same as 嶨) hills with lots of big rocks
xǔe codfish
xúe (same as 澩) dried up mountain creeks, a tributary of Weishui (in ancient times), sound of the roaring waves and billows
xūe xīe kind of marsh grass; feudal state
xǔe (same as 雪) snow, to clean; to wash or wipe away
xúe to process or carve horns
xūe boots
xǔe codfish
xùe yàng yào zhòu (non-classical form) a bait, food, cakes and biscuits
xúe oriental bullfinch, weaver bird; Pyrrhula species (various)