Mandarin Search: yan

yán simplified KangXi radical 149
广 yǎn ān gǔang wide, extensive, broad; rad. 53
yǎn yàn a marsh at the foot of the hills, (interchangeable 湢 沇)name of a river
yǎn flags flying, long bands or ribbons attached to flags, streamers, etc. ( ancient form of 偃) to cease; to desist from
yàn yān dislike, detest, reject; satiate
yàn village gate
yǎn (same as 嬐) agil; adroit fast; quick; prompt, neat; tidy; orderly, to raise the head; to look up
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yán (same as 沿) to follow a course; to go along; to coast, to hand down; to continue; to conseve, along or by, as a road or a coast
yán yàn yín words, speech; speak, say
yán delay, postpone, defer
yǎn flowing and engulfing; brimming
yán cliff; rocks; mountain
yǎn yān ere long; remain, tarry; feeble
沿 yán yàn follow a course, go along
yǎn establish; one of nine empire divisions
yǎn to enter; to make progress to advance; to urge forward
yán yàn tán flame, blaze; hot
yàn feeble, sickly; tranquil, calm
yàn elegant
yǎn (terrains) of highly strategic; precipitious (hill, etc. a big mound; (same as 㢈) a collapsed house, to hit, to catch something
yàn elegant, handsome; learned
yǎn yān cover over, hide; narrow-necked
yǎn establish; one of nine empire divisions
yán beautiful
yán beautiful, handsome; seductive
yān yàn throat; pharynx
yǎn to hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend
yǎn grave, respectful, majestic
hěn yín yán kěn hǎng vicious, cruel; severely, extreme
yàn inkstone
yán (a non-classical form) a bowl, a small shallow container; a small cup
yán day after day; daily, time, moving of the sun
yǎn yán overflow, spill over, spread out
yǎn agricultural implements
yán yàn salt
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
yān rouge, cosmetics
yān to castrate
yàn test, examine, inspect; verify
xǐan yán narrow pass, strategic point
yàn to entertain, feast; a feast, banquet
qīan yán lead
yán place name in Shandong province
yán shān a boundary, a limit
yúan yán daphne genkwa, poisonous plant
yàn express condolence
yàn peaceful, quiet; clear; late in the day
yīn yān yǐn many, great; abundant, flourishing
yīn yán hanging fog, misty
túi yǎn flying
yān yīn smoke, soot; opium; tobacco, cigarettes
yǎn shàn sharp, sharp-pointed; sharpen
xían yàn dìan saliva
yǎn silky, very fine thread
yǎn shell
dàn tán yǎn yàn weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
è yān block, obstruct, stop up
yán yǎn yàn village gate
yān castrate; eunuch
yán yàn village gate; surname
yān yǎn drown; cover with liquid, steep
yān (Cant.) correct, right
yǎn wěn eye; eyelet, hole, opening
yín yàn yáo obscene, licentious, lewd
yán yàn xíng grind, rub; study, research
yàn proverb, maxim
yǎn to cover (with the hand); shut, conceal; ambush
xíng yán kēng whetstone
yán grind
shàn yàn easy, smooth; quiet; suave
yān a mountain in Kansu, where there is a cave into which the sun is said to sink at night
zhè zhèi yàn this, the, here
yān thereupon, then; how? why? where?
xían yán a kind of fabric, a county in today's Shandong Province; southwest of Huangxian
yàn (same as 硯) an in-slab or ink-stone (same as 硜) sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
yàn yúan to slander; to libel, a maidservant, used in girl's name, womanly
yǎn cease, lay off, lay down
yàn false, counterfeit, spurious
yǎn (interchangeable 奄) name of an ancient state, name of a country in old times
yàn flame, blaze; glowing, blazing
yán (same as 研) to rub; to grind; to powder, to go the very source; to study; to investigate; to research; to examine; to search into carefully
yǎn yān county in Henan province
yǎn yān (of cloud) forming or rising
tán qín yǎn reach to, spread to; extensive
yán to look at each other
yán cliff; soar
yīn yān bury, sink, block up; stain
yān ā āng ān salt, pickle; be dirty
yǎn the cherry-apple, a kind of tree
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
yàn dam; embankment, dike, bank
yàn biāo flames
yǎn cover up; take by force, shut
yǎn upright bar for fastening door
yàn inkstone
yǎn tree
gǎn jìan yán big and strong sheep, a ewe or she-goat, kind of dog, a dog barking loudly
yán qīan lead
yàn condole with; coarse
yàn wild goose
yǎn jewel, gem; glitter of gems
yán bamboo mat; feast, banquet
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
yàn (same as non-classical form of 焰) flame; blaze; glowing; brilliant
yán name of a variety of grass, last name
yán a flute with 23 tubes; 4 inches long (of bamboo, etc.); a pipe; a wind instrument, (interchangeable 言) speech; words, to say, a dialect; language
yàn wild goose
yán yàn dàn millipede
yān smoke, soot; opium; tobacco, cigarettes
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
yàn to exert oneself to yell; to yell loudly; to shout, overbearing; arrogant, vigorous
yán salt
qīan yán lead plumbum
yán the hanging flap in the front of a hat
yǎn to pray for preventing or forestalling calamities, muddy
yán bamboo mat; feast, banquet
jǐan yàn callous skin on hands or feet. blisters
jīan yàn pig of 3 years
yǎn medical compress; fish net
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
yǎn the appearance of a mountain, as if two pots were standing one upon the other; the steep bank of a stream a rough mountain path
yàn fine rice seedling; growing rice in order, (same as 蔭) shade of trees; shade
yǎn to till; to plough, sharp-pointed spade or shovel
yán room made of stone; watchtower
yān to fade; withered or dried leaves; tobacco (used for and )
chì xiào yàn (same as 歙) to gather the harvest; to gather together
yān charming, fascinating; gay
yǎn yàn perform, put on; exercise
yàn thick, strong (beverage)
yān name of a district in Honan
yàn yān dislike, detest, reject; satiate
yán yàn (corrupted form) (to walk) in harmony; in accord, to look after; to care for each other
yán dogs fighting, to go to law; an indictment
yān marinate, pickle; salt
yǎn yàn eloquent eyes; to coverse with eyes; to make sheep eyes or passes, to look at; to see, to look up to; to respect
dàn yán to bite; to gnaw; dogs bite
yán face, facial appearance
yàn be satiated, eat one's full
jǐan yàn to malign, to hide; to conceal
yàn to decide, judge; a verdict, decision
yán grind, rub; study, research; (Cant.) to play a stringed instrument
yàn wild goose
yán cooked or well-done, ripe, fine rice
yǎn yàn gecko, kind of cicada
yǎn yǐn spear
ài yǎn small bundle of rice plant, seed, grain
è yān block, obstruct, stop up, conceal
yán yàn yǎn village gate; surname
yàn (standard form of 燕) a swallow, comfort; ease; to soothe (interchangeable 晏) to feast; to enjoy, name of a certain feudal States
yān castrate; eunuch
yàn proverb, maxim
yàn small, a cabinet; a cupboard
tán xīan yǎn long spear
xǐan yán jǐan narrow pass, strategic point, dangerous
yàn color of the flame
yàn (same as ) silkly; in poor health, undisturbed; composed; calm; quiet, to satisfy or be satisfied to gratify or be gratified; (same as 厭) content; gratification
yǎn (Cant.) 躽胸凸肚, to push out one's chest and belly
qíe yǎn (same as 鬩) to quarrel; to conflict, contention; animosity; resentment; recriminations
yǎn the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
xìan yàn yǎng yàng corresponding; equivalent, appropriate, to compare the length of two articles
yǎn nightmare, bad dreams
yàn yān swallow (bird); comfort, enjoy
yàn to cover; to screen; to shade; to conceal; to shut off, to block, to shift; to move, to forward; to convey, to walk
yàn flame; blazing, brilliant
yǐn yǎn long
yán dān eaves of house; brim, rim
yàn to dry or cook in the sun
yān nīan yàn withered, faded, decayed; calm
yàn quail
yán yǎn a lance with three or two points, edge or margin of an utensil
yán a kind of insect, name of a place recorded in ancient books
yān feeble, sickly; tranquil, calm
àn ān yǎn close, shut; dark, dismal
ái yán cancer; marmoset
àn yǎn anglerfish
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yān satiated; contented
yǎn mole, scar, blemish
àn nìu yàn white from forehead to lips of a horse, reddish of a horse head, horse head
yàn (same as 鷃) a small brown speckled bird like the quail
yán face, facial appearance
yàn to verity, to fulfil; to examine, to hold an inquest
yán face, facial appearance
àn yǎn (same as 魘) nightmare
檿 yǎn mulberry
yǎn test, examine, inspect; verify
yǎn shell
嬿 yàn lovely
yàn (same as 鵪) quail
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
qìan yán a long shape of head and face, the cheeks; the jaw, ugly, a long face
qìng yǎn yìn hold on to one's own views, to keep the mouth shut, stingy; miserly; niggardly; parsimonious
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
yàn swallow, gulp
yán eaves of house; brim
yàn false; counterfeit; bogus; sham
yán to stain, dirty; filth, water flows forward
lǐan lían xīan yán kàn vine
yàn false; counterfeit; bogus; sham
yǎn creeping; wriggly, (same as 蜑), the boat people in the coastal areas of Fukien (Fugian) and Kwangtung (Guangdong); Southern tribes
yán a kind of fish
yàn qían xún flame; brilliant, blazing
yǎn blue-black
nìan yàn to display the teeth
yán yǎn (simplified form) clever; wise; superior, a person's name ( in Earlier Five Dynasties, South Han, meaning flying dragon over the sky)
yān rouge, cosmetics
yǎn sheat
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yán cliff, precipice; cave, grotto
yàn clear sky, a fine day
yǎn high and bright
yàn yǐng (same as 咽) to swallow; the throat, (same as 癭) a reddish swelling on the neck, gnarl
yán to make a disturbance; to quarrel; to wrangle
qìan yán eaves of a ancestral temple (of the ruling family), door of a shrine or a temple, small opening (of a door), to spy; to peep
yán (same as 鹽) salt
yàn yǐng well-stacked (figure, etc.); full; plump, food, cakes
yán ulcer; sore; boil, a wound
yǎn earthenware vessel in two parts
yàn quail
yǎn grave, respectful, majestic
yǎn a kind of insectivorous rodent
yàn waves, billows
chè yǎn to take, to select, to get angry; to lose the temper
yàn (same as 鵪) the quail
yàn counterfeit, false
yán to continue; to extend; to review
yán yǎn to groan; to moan
yàn (simplified form of 讌) to entertain; to feast
yǎn summit, peak
yán cliff, precipice; cave, grotto
yǎn a kind of insectivorous rodent
yàn test, examine, inspect; verify
yàn be satiated, eat one's full
yàn offer food and wine one's guests
yàn a feast, banquet; to entertain, feast
yǎn dimples
yǎn a kind of fish, the mouth of a fish at surface of the water; gasping for breath
yán yàn (same as of 塩) salt
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
yǎn nightmare, bad dreams
yán yín (ancient form of 荶) a kind of vegetable; something like garlic; growing in the water, name of a variety of grass
dàn jìn yán a feather screen, a shade, imperial garden
yàn movement of water; overflowing, billowing; wavy
yǎn mole, scar, blemish
yàn to decide, judge; a verdict, decision
yàn thick, strong (beverage)
yàn (same as 燕) a swallow
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
yàn beautiful, captivating, plump, voluptuous
yàn plump, voluptuous, beautiful
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
kǎn yán yàn fine teeth, irregular teeth