Mandarin Search: yao

𨍳 yáo diāo distant; an open carriage
yāo mo me ma interrogative particle; repetition of a tune small; tender
yāo one; tiny, small
yāo wāi yǎo young, fresh-looking; die young
yáo xiào diagrams for divination
yòu yào infant, young child; immature
yóu yāo cause, reason; from
yùe yào lùo liáo happy, glad; enjoyable; music
yǎo bent, distorted, crooked; feeble
yāo bawl, yell, shout, cry out
yǎo distant and indistinguishable
yáo a legendary ancient emperor-sage
qìa yáo to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
xiào yáo (same as 恔) cheerful and exuberant; spiritually elevated
yāo strange, weird, supernatural
yáo cooked or prepared meat
yǎo obscure, dark, mysterious, deep
yào yǒu (non-classical form of 卣) a kind of wine pot or jar used in ancient time
tiáo yǎo yóu (same as 芀) name of a plant (much used for making brooms); a reed
yáo a legendary ancient emperor-sage
nǜe yào intermittent fever; malaria
yǎo yāo die young, die prematurely
yǎo jiāo bite, gnaw
yáo mound, roundish mass
yáo handsome, elegant; surname
yáo high or tall
yào yùe key; lock
táo yáo dào tāo cleanse; river in Gansu province
yāo xīan calamities, disasters; ormazda
xīan yāo Ormazda, god of the Zoroastrians; extended to god of the Manicheans
yūe yāo yào treaty, agreement, covenant
yào yāo yǎo necessary, essential; necessity
yáo small light carriage
yáo yóu a kind of stone, rugged rocks, difficult; hard; difficulty; hardship
yào can not walk normally, swollen feet
yào deep bottom; the southeast corner of a house
yǎo yào obscure, secluded; refined
yáo yóu a vase, a pitcher, earthenware
yǎo far, deep; sunken eyes; sad
yǎo dip, ladle; ladle
yáo dresses for the bride, green color, yellow color, (interchangeable 絞) a greenish yellow color
yáo mother-of-pearl
yǎo sunken eyes; deep; abstruse
yáo (a non-classical form) (same as standard form of 7AB0 窯) a kiln; a brick furnace; a pottery, a coal shaft, a cave -- for human dwelling
tiǎo tiāo yáo slender; quiet and modest, charming
yǎo deep and dark; profound, far; vast, obscure, mysterious
yǎo yào corner
yáo kiln; coal mine pit
yáo mountain in Henan
yáo xiáo confused, in disarray, mixed up
yín yàn yáo obscene, licentious, lewd
yáo (non-classical form of 謠) ballad; folk song; song, rumor
yáo xiāo the scream or roar of a tiger; to intimidate; to scare
yáo (ancient form of 謠) to sing, a ballad, rumour; slander; a false report, from, to follow, to undertake; to attend to
táo dào yáo pottery, ceramics
yáo tiáo large hoe; surname; a spear
yóu yáo like, similar to, just like, as
yáo gardenia; a plant of which the nuts produces a yellow dye
yǎo place name in Shanxi province
yáo wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
yáo xiáo xiào mixed up, confused; cooked
ráo yáo fuel, firewood; stubble; Wikstroemia japonica
yáo sing; folksong, ballad; rumor
yào boat, large boat, to dispel; to remove; to move, to stir up
yáo a kind of insect, (non-classical form of 珧) scallops, found in abundance in the China Sea; the shells contain mother-of-pearl, and the compressor muscle or ligament is dried and imported into China as Compoy ( 干貝); also called ( 江瑤柱) it is hig
yāo chirping, buzzing; (Cant.) to call out
yáo diāo small light carriage
yáo a minority tribe
yáo to exceed; a state in Shanxi province
yào yùe leaf of Dahurian angelica plant; medicine
yáo a legendary ancient emperor-sage
yáo jackal; name of a tribe
yáo floating in air, drifting with wind
xiáo yáo (interchangeable 繇) joy, delight, gratification
yào yùe plain white silk, to soften and whiten raw silk by boiling
yǎo immeasurable depth or profundity; extremely abstruse; unfathomable
yáo wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
yáo wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
yāo waist; kidney
yào zhùi (same as 耀) to shine; to dazzle, to show off
yáo distressed, agitated
yáo conscript labor, compulsory labor
yǎo shape of a mountain
yǎo zhàng (same as 障) to separate; to screen, a screen, a veil, a dike, to defend; to guard
yào the leg of a boot
yáo diào tiáo qiāo yào large hoe; surname; a spear brevium
yáo to shake, to wave, to row
yáo far away, distant, remote
yáo far away, distant, remote
yǎo farsightedness (as a physical defect); hypermetropia, to look from a distance
yáo precious jade
yáo precious jade
yáo (same as 遙) distant; far; remote
liào yáo barking of a frightened dog, to confuse; disorder; disturbance, cunning; artful; crafty, to fail and be exposed
yǎo to look at; to see, pretty eyes; (same as 䁏) farsightedness (as a physical defect); hypermetropia, to look from a distance
yáo high or tall
yào the waistline (in dress-making), a loop for button, a waist band or belt, pleat; a fold
rǎo ráo yǎo graceful, charming, fascinating
yào yùe orris root; leaf of the iris; medicine
yāo type of grain, Polygala japonica
yǎo a young tailed deer
jiǎo yáo lucky, fortunate
yáo brick kiln; furnace; coal mine pit
yào yáo sparrow hawk; kite shaped like
yǎo a kind of flag, flags; streamers
yāo ǎo a legendary bird
yùe yào lùo liáo happy, glad; enjoyable; music
nǜe yào intermittent fever; malaria
yáo kiln; coal mine pit
jiào jiǎo jiāo yāo yáo frontier, border; inspect, patrol
yáo yóu (corrupted form of 繇) entourage; aides; attendants, cause; means, by way of, etc., forced labour; labor service
yáo name of a variety of grass; rushes, dodder
yǎo (Cant.) curving upwards
yāo invite, welcome; meet, intercept
ǒu yǎo the ribs
yáo prepared meat; food
yáo sing; folksong, ballad; rumor
yáo yóu zhòu yāo reason, cause
jiǎo xiào yáo to jump; to leap; to spring; to bounce
yào yùe (same as non-classical abbreviated form of 瀹) to boil, to wash; to cleanse; to soak, to cook; to stew; to decoct, to channel, to enlighten, to clean or dredge (a waterway), water currents
liǎo liào yǎo bright, clear; clear-sighted
yáo (same as 繇 徭 陶 謠 由 猶 悠 籀) entourage; aides; attendants, compulsory labor service, to make pottery or earthenware, happy, ballad; folk song, rumor, through; via; by way of, like; similar to, still; yet, far, sad, soft; slow, to deduce (inte
yào shào shùo shine, dazzle; brilliant, radiant
yào glorious, as sun; daylight, sunlight; one of the seven planets of pre-modern astronomy (the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)
yáo the nautilus; the ray
ráo yáo fuel, firewood; stubble
yáo family name; wine cup
yáo floating in air, drifting with wind
yào drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine
yǎo name of a fabulous horse
yáo (same as 颻) to dance and toss about in the wind; waving and drifting with the wind, unsteady
yào illness; disease; ailment
yùe yào to boil; to wash, to cleanse, to soak
耀 yào shine, sparkle, dazzle; glory
è yǎo (same as 鷊) a kind of bird, a kind of grass, (same as ) a fabulous sea bird
yào yáo sparrow hawk; Circus species (various)
yǎo jiāo yāo to chew; to bite
yáo the nautilus; the ray
ào áo yào wild horse, mustang; wild
yào yùe shùo lǜe drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine
jiào shǎn yǎo (same as, non-classical form of 皭) pure white; clean; bright, usually used for person's name in ancient times
yǎo wěi call
yáo bamboo shoots, (same as 筊) a rope made of bamboo strips, a kind of bamboo device used in divination
yáo luxuriant vegetation
xùe yàng yào zhòu (non-classical form) a bait, food, cakes and biscuits
yào yùe key; lock
yǎo (same as 咬) to gnaw; to bite